postheadericon Mondays @ the Club – Pursuit Race For those members who are lucky or unlucky enough to be available to sail on a Monday mornings we would like to remind you that from around 10:30am you are likely to find a number of regulars having a cup of tea and getting ready to sail.  This is opportunity to  sail knowing others will be around, so far this year we have had up to 12 boats on the water . We have just started to trial a Personal Handicap Pursuit race following the tried and tested Wednesday Evening format with the race planned to start at 11:30 subject to enough willing participants.  It’s really just a fun way to have a sail, as most sailors have separate start times the start line is uncluttered and boats well spaced out throughout the race.  With the winners having to start later the next week everyone is like to get the chance to lead the race and possible take a surprise win.

تلميحات أكثر فائدة Everyone is welcome to race or just sail around and if advice is required there is always plenty available!

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