postheadericon Well Done Daniel.

Just to let you all know how Daniel got on at the Topper National series 2 at Queen Mary last weekend.  In a fleet of 146 and Six races, in his flight (1/2 the fleet),  and wind at 15knots, gusting 30 on Sunday!! –  
Daniel finished
Day 1 R1 5th, R2 2nd, R3 11th, R4 7th
Day 2 R5 (13th), R6 3rd  –  Discarded 13th
Finished overall 7th out of 146 competitors, كم سعر اسهم اسمنت ام القرى Well Done Daniel.
He absolutely chuffed with his performance finishing at the top end of his squad of 25!!
Daniel is now doing a weeks squad camp at Plymouth until Friday and he won’t get back until late Sunday. Look out the weekend after, he will be full of it.

مباشر السوق السعودي  


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