Rollesby Broad Multisail Open 2018

In the event neither the forecast force 6 nor heavy rain arrived at Rollesby on Sunday 13th May for their Mutlisail regatta; however it had put off a few longer distance travellers who missed out on a very pleasant days sailing.

In race one John Saddington & Dennis Manning led the fleet round in their Albacore, but they could not escape the clutches of the main fleet and the race was won by Bob Sparrow and Simon in their Wayfarer, with Chris and Jane Wharmby from Milton Keynes leading the mid-fleet Leader group home. Race two was dominated by the Leaders; local pairing Ian & Sharon Ayres chasing the Albacore closely for most of the race before some late penalty turns let Ben & Ben Rickard from Hickling through for the win with the Wharmby’s third.

So the whole event was wide open and down to one of Rollesby’s infamous Eels Foot passage races. With a long run down Rollesby Broad, the Ayres were able to fly their spinnaker all the way, even through the cut; leaving everyone including the Albacore playing catch up. The two Bens were the closest pursuers but lost out as the wind went fickle in Eel’s Foot Broad. A long beat home in a rising breeze gave the Ayres the win over the Albacore with the Bens recovering well to take a well deserved third. The Ayres win gave them the event overall with the two Bens representing the visitors in second and John and Dennis third.

The Bitterns sailed shorter courses, despite the best efforts of Bruce Thompson especially in race one, John Atkinson and Leona Levine took a clean sweep of wins and the bittern trophy once again.

Multisail Fleet

  1. Ian & Sharon Ayres (Leader)
  2. Ben & Ben Rickard (Leader) – Hickling Broad
  3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore)
  4. Chris & Jane Wharmby (Leader) – Milton Keynes
  5. Bob Sparrow & Simon (Wayfarer)
  6. Julius & Clare Mach (Leader) – Netley
  7. Chris Mann & Jo Sapsford (Enterprise)
  8. Mike Broadbent & Hugh Rout (Xenon)
  9. Sarah & Chris Toothill (Stratos)

Bittern Fleet

  1. John Atkinson & Leona Levine (Norfolk Punt Club)
  2. Bruce Thompson (NPC)
  3. Colin Burrow & Frankie Lorimer (Bittern Owners Assoc)
  4. Gareth Barham & Genevieve Prothan (BOA)

Solo & Single-Handers Open

Rollesby Broad Solo & Single-Handers Open

A bright sunny day, with considerably more breeze than first looked likely greeted 21 competitors at Rollesby Broad for their annual Solo Open on 22nd April. A brief but significant wind shift between laying the course and the first start meant a general recall in race one, but by the end of this race the direction settled back and the wind rose.

Bob Suggitt comfortably won the first race having pushed the reeds hard on the left hand bank off the line and gained from a rare port shift up that side. The rest of the fleet were closely packed. Alan Bishop narrowly led them round, with Steve Ede and Jarvis Simpson in close pursuit. Local sailor Ian Ayres was rapidly recovering from a poor start and after a brif spell in third had to settle for 4th place.

In race 2 Ede was getting the measure of his new craft and led more or less form start to finish. Simpson managed to just sneak round the leeward mark before the pack to escape for a secure second, Mark Maskell was the big gainer rising to third in the following melee, which was only fair as he’d lost out at the same place in race one. Ede then provide confusion by not crossing the finishing line, he had sufficient lead to return and still win but most of the fleet added a fifth unnecessary lap to their race!

After lunch two shorter back to back races were held, Bishop took the first by a margin, from Ede and Maskell , with Terry Palmer having his best race in 4th and Steve Bishop enjoying the livelier conditions to just pip Ayres for 5th. The first two reversed places in race 4 to give Ede the meeting with Maksell again third to confirm the podium places.

The Solos were joined by a nine strong handicap fleet, including for the first time, four visiting Streakers, joining one home boat, who had their own very close racing. Veronica Falat won with a 1,2,1 was a solid winner, with  Daniel Bull in his radial second after a tie break with Doug Horner from Swanage, hopefully this new fleet will return and possibly earn their own class start.

Solo Results

  1. 5804 – Steve Ede (Ardleigh); 4pts
  2. 5723 – Alan Bishop (Girton); 5
  3. 5779 – Mark Maskall (Blackwater); 9
  4. 5232 – Ian Ayres (Rollesby Broad); 14
  5. 5406 – Jarvis Simpson (Brightlingsea); 16
  6. 5724 – Terry Palmer (Upper Thames); 16
  7. 5649 – Steve Bishop (Girton); 19
  8. 5318 – Bob Suggitt (Barnt Green); 21
  9. 5001 – Peter Matthews (WOBYC); 23
  10. 5472 – Robert Hawkins (Hickling Broad); 23
  11. 5138 – Pat Overs (Paxton Lakes); 28
  12. 5665 – Paul Aldridge (Brightlingsea); 31
  13. 4258 – Ian Hanson (Rollesby Broad); 36
  14. 5443 – John Saddington (Rollesby Broad); 40
  15. 5648 – Simon Strode (Rollesby Broad); 41
  16. 4589 – Phil Atherton (Hickling Broad); 41
  17. 4180 – Phil Alison (Rollesby Broad); 46
  18. 4405 – Mike Horwitz (Rollesby Broad); 49
  19. 2842 – Steve Leigh (Rollesby Broad); 53
  20. 5648 – Chris Mann (Rollesby Broad):
  21. 2019 – Gordon Jewell (Rollesby Broad):

Handicap Results

  1. Streaker 1972, Veronica Falat (WOBYC); 4 pts
  2. Radial 207011, Daniel Bull (RBSC); 8
  3. Streaker 1940, Doug Horner (Swanage SC); 8
  4. Streaker 1817, Ian Bradley (Ouse ASC); 9
  5. Streaker 1490, Tamsin Highfield (RBSC): 13
  6. Streaker 1920, Mark Langston (Beccles SC); 17
  7. Phantom 1212, Chris Toothill (RBSC); 20
  8. Laser 169153, Stuart Highfield (RBSC); 21
  9. Laser 853365, Daniel Harvey (RBSC); 28


Feb 25th Report

                                                  SUNDAY  25TH Feb  2018 Report

The weather forecast appeared  to have put sailors off with reduced numbers at Rollesby. The ten boats that launched, however, enjoyed two races on  a breezy and sunny morning. The easterly direction of the wind coming over the trees along the Broad lead to quickly changing conditions, from planning gusts to quiet periods with big wind shifts and adjusting to these was the key to the races.

In the four boat multi sail fleet Dave Houghton and John Symonds in their Wayfarer lead both races    comfortably, for two wins, followed by the fellow Wayfarers of Val and Chris Hanson and Bob Sparrow with Steve.

In the six single sail fleet the  first race, was lead round by Mike McNamara in his Harrier but the fickle wind allowed the fleet  to bunch up at the bottom mark on the last lap. This gave the handicap win to John Saddington in his solo, with second place to Keith Sykes in a Laser and third to the solo of Matt Boreham.  In the second race mixed fortunes on the start line allowed the two solos’  of Saddington and Boreham to lead the way round on the first lap but the Harrier and Laser pulled through and by lap five had established a good lead to give McNamara the win with Sykes second and Boreham third.


Balmy spring weather brings out the fleet

Rollesby Broad SC – 18th Feb

Lighter winds than recent weeks and a good show of sunshine brought out the fleet at Rollebsy Broad on the 18th February.

With 3 D-Ones and a rarely sighted GP14 joining the Wayfarers, the multisail fleet was boosted into double figures. Chris Sallis rightly led both races in his D-One, with Steve Gray working his way through more cautiously; neither of these could escape the Wayfarers on handicap. With a virtually windward / leeward course over nearly the full length of the broad Dave Houghton & Jon Symonds along with Val & Chris Hanson (Wayfarers) were able to fly their spinnakers to great effect, taking the first two positions in both races. Bob Sparrow & Steve led the non-spinnaker boats, just sneaking ahead of Sallis for 3rd in race 1 with the result slightly more comfortably reversed in race 2.

In the single handers Mike McNamara (Harrier) and David Frary (Finn) led the fleet round in both races; these two had a really good match on the water with McNamara edging the handicap result. Behind they were chased by Dave Shipstone (Finn) in race 1 and Keith Sykes (RS300) in race 2, but in the handicap battle it was John Saddington’s Solo which triumphed for 3rd over the Highfield family; Stuart’s Laser in race 1 and Phil’s Streaker in race 2.

The spring like weather encouraged 12 boats to take to the water again after lunch, McNamara pulled out a good lead on the water on the first lap, but Houghton & Symonds reeled him back in later on to take the handicap win, with Saddington emerging from the mixed pack to take 3rd yet again!


Race 1 (10 entries)

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
  2. Val & Chris Hanson (Wayfarer)
  3. Bob Sparrow & Steve (Wayfarer)

    Race 2 (10)

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
  2. Val & Chris Hanson (Wayfarer)
  3. Chris Sallis (D-One)


Race 1 (15 entries)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier)
  2. David Frary (Finn)
  3. John Saddington (Solo)
  4. Stuart Highfield (Laser)

Race 2 (15)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier)
  2. David Frary (Finn)
  3. John Saddington (Solo)
  4. Phil Highfield (Streaker)

Mixed PM Race 3 (12)

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
  2. Mike McNamara (Harrier)
  3. John Saddington (Solo)


Frostbite Regatta Report

As a forerunner to its frostbite series, Rollesby Broad Sailing Club held their frostbite regatta with a fresh wind from the north. OOD Robert Sparrow set a simple course with a long run and beat over the length of the broad.
In the first race the small Multi Sail four boat fleet was lead by Chris Sallis in his D1 but Dave Houghton and John Symonds, in their Wayfarer won comfortably on handicap.
When the larger single sail fleet started the strength of the wind was increasing and on the first lap spectators were treated to the sight of 14 single handers planning on a run down the broad. Alas this was not to last as a vicious gust caused multiple capsizes. With nine boats over, some with masts in the mud, the rescue boat crew of Paul Warnes and Nick Whittle had their work cut out. In spite of doing turns at the first mark Roger Wilson prevailed and won the race in his solo followed by another solo helmed by Matt Boreham.
There was a much reduced turn out for the second race. In the Multi Sail fleet John Saddington and Dennis Manning crossed the line first in the Albacore but Houghton and Symonds in the wayfarer were not far behind to take first in the race and the regatta trophy. In the single sail fleet six boats went out and Dan Harvey won the race in the club Pico, followed by Matt Boreham and Roger Wilson. With Wilson and Boreham both on four points count back was required to give Wilson the single sail trophy.

John Saddington

Results Frostbite Regatta

Multi Sail Fleet
Race 1. (4)
1. Wayfarer Dave Houghton & John Symonds
2. Albacore John Saddington & Dennis Manning
3. D1 Chris Sallis

Race 2 (2)
1. Wayfarer,
2. Albacore

1 Wayfarer,
2 Albacore

Single Sail Fleet

Race 1 (14)
1. Solo 5249 Roger Wilson
2. Solo 035 Matt Boreham
3. Laser Stuart Highfield.

Race 2 (6)
1. Pico Dan Harvey,
2. Solo 035
3.Solo 5295

1. Solo 5249
2. solo 035
3. Pico Dan Harvey


New Years Regatta

New Years Regatta Report

A complete mix of winds at Rollesby Broad for their annual New Year’s Day Open; with planing conditions in race 1, marginal hiking in race 2 and rather a drift in places during race 3 after lunch. At least the wind direction held almost perfectly allowing as long as possible a beat down the broad and the sun stayed out all day keeping the 24 competitors warm!

Race 1 was unsurprisingly led from start to finish by Richard Fryer and Dave Houghton in their RS300s, Fryer establishing a good lead early on. John Saddington & Dennis Manning in their Albacore escaped from the pack to follow the faster flyers with the Solos, initially led by Matt Boreham winning the battle with the Lasers for the mid-paced single-handers. Ian
Ayres and Bob Hawkins over took Boreham on the twisty downwind legs of lap one before Ayres nailed the beat on lap two and eventually took the handicap victory from Fryer and Saddington.
In race 2 despite a longer, evenly laid start line the well spread fleet needed a general recall before Fryer led once again; however with Ayres placing his Solo third at the first windward mark squeezing in between Saddington and Mike McNamara’s Harrier and with Hawkins and Roger Wilson in fairly close proximity, it looked like the handicap race might be over in favour of the Solo fleet. As the wind eased the faster craft were able to open out a good gap, only Ayres from the pack managed to stay with them and despite some closing at the end he took the win again from McNamara and Saddington with Hawkins and Wilson 4 th and 5 th .
With the majority of the fleet staying out to play after lunch it looked like McNamara, enjoying a very close on the water battle with Saddington, might take the race as the RS300s found the wind a little too light to make up their handicap. A little more space in the middle of the fleet allowed Ayres and Wilson to make up ground as the race went on and they rounded out podium places split by McNamara.
There were 6 tie breaks needed in the fleet, meaning working out the overall results took a while, prizes were awarded by the Sallis race officers in what they described as by far the closest set of results they’d seen in many years of running the event.

Overall Results (24 Entries)
1. Ian Ayres – 2 pts
2. Mike McNamara – 4
3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning – 6
4. Richard Fryer – 8
5. Roger Wilson – 8
6. Bob Hawkins – 10
7. Matt Boreham – 10
8. Val & Chris Hanson – 11
9. Dave Houghton – 15
10. David Shipstone – 17
11. Mike Broadbent & Hugh Rout – 21
12. Gareth Thomas – 23
13. Geoff Tibbenham – 24
14. Phil Alison – 25
15. Keith Sykes – 25
16. Richard Brown – 26
17. Chris Codling – 26
18. Steve Leigh – 27
19. Richard Foster – 32
20. Daniel Harvey – 32
21. Paul Warnes – 32
22. Phil Highfield – 35
23. Vince Steel – 35
24. Phil & Lorna Harlow – 44


Report from December 10th

Race report Sunday 10th

Members arrived on a wet cold morning to find the Broad largely sheltered from the Easterly breeze by the trees. Ten boats sailed, in the rain with a single start, on a course with planning lifts on one side of the water and drifting conditions on the other.
In the first race Nick Eastwood, in his Finn, lead the way round, but on the corrected results the win went to Dave Houghton and John Symonds in their Wayfarer just four second ahead of the Solo of Matt Boreham with John Saddington in another Solo a further eight second behind.
The marks were moved for the second race and the faster boats pulled ahead with the Wayfarer gaining a substantial win against the Finn in second and Keith Sykes in his Laser third.

Race 1 (10)
1. Wayfarer, D.Houghton & J.Symonds
2. Solo, M.Boreham
3. Solo, J.Saddington

Race 2 (10)
1. Wayfarer
2. Finn, Nick Eastwood
3. Laser, Keith Sykes

December 10th


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How To Downlaod a Photo from the RBSC Flickr page 2014

Winter Regatta Report

As a forerunner to its winter series, Rollesby Broad Sailing Club held its Winter Regatta on Sunday.  Unfortunately, the forecasted winds never reached the Broad so sailors had to contend with some light and shifty winds.

In the multisail fleet the top two places were clear cut with John Saddington and Dennis Manning in their Albacore winning all three races and Val and Chris Hanson in their Wayfarer finishing second in each.  Third place overall was closely contended with Mike Broadbent and Hugh Rout in a Xenon and Bob Sparrow and Mike Horwitz in a Wayfarer equal on points after the first two races.  In the final race, the Wayfarer kept ahead of the Xenon throughout the race and therefore claiming third place overall.

The larger single-hander fleet had an entry of fifteen dinghies ranging from a RS300 to a group of five Solos.  After two races, three boats were vying for overall honours, with Tamsin Highfield in her Streaker on three points and the Solos of Jim Rosser and Sam McNamara on four and five, respectively.  In the final and deciding race Chris Toothill, sailing a Phantom, led from start to finish on the water but close behind were the Solos of Jim Rosser and Sam McNamara. Approaching the final mark, Jim suffered a ‘navigational malfunction’ allowing Sam to slip pass.  This made the final points interesting, with three boats equal on three points and so the overall places were decided by the last race making Sam McNamara the winner.

David Houghton

Race Officer

November 26th

Winter Regatta

Multisails (8) 

Race 1: 1 Albacore 8066 (John Saddington & Dennis Manning), 2 Wayfarer 9090 (Val & Chris Hanson), 3 Wayfarer 10213 (Bob Sparrow & Mike Horwitz)

Race 2: 1 Albacore 8066, 2 Wayfarer 9090, 3 Xenon 7534 (Mike Broadbent & Hugh Rout)

Race 3: 1 Albacore 8066, 2 Wayfarer 9090, 3 Wayfarer 10213

Overall: 1 Albacore 8066, 2 Wayfarer 9090, 3 Wayfarer 10213

RBSC Winter Regatta 2017 Multi Full Results

 Single-handers (15)

Race 1: 1 Streaker 1493 (Tamsin Highfield), 2 Solo 5365 (Sam McNamara), 3 Solo 5478 (Jim Rosser)

Race 2: 1 Solo 5478, 2 Streaker 1493, 3 Solo 5365

Race 3: 1 Solo 5365, 2 Solo 5478, 3 Solo 4896 (Kevin Postlethwaite)

Overall: 1 Solo 5365, 2 Solo 5478, 3 Streaker 1493

RBSC Winter Regatta 2017 Single Full Results

26th November Report & Pics

End of Autumn Series – 26th November

The chill in the wind at Rollesby Broad on Sunday 26th November certainly made it feel like winter is approaching even though this was actually the climax of our Autumn series.

The breeze wouldn’t quite shift southwards enough (until the afternoon!) to avoid having to sail at least part of the course under the tricky conditions to leeward of the trees on the west bank of the broad. Whilst it was marginal planning on the windier east side, it was the rounding of the windward marks which separated the top contenders from the rest.

Mike McNamara in his Harrier won both the singlehanded races, working hard in race 1 to stay as close as possible to Darren Pike’s Phantom and then just (and really only just!) pulling out enough of a lead from Bob Hawkins Solo in race two. Ian Ayres (Solo) sailed consistently to take the minor podium spots in both races.

John Saddington & Dennis Manning found the conditions absolutely to their liking in their Albacore; winning comfortably in the multsail fleet and the afternoon mixed fleet race. Behind there was a really close battle for second between the Wayfarers of Val & Chris Hanson and Dave Houghton & John Symonds; the Hanson’s narrowly took the honours in race 1 with the roles reversed all be it with slightly more separation in race 2.

There were four different winners across the five Autumn Series; we can’t really do much better at spreading out the silver ware / wine than that! The club has its winter regatta on Sunday 3rd and its NewYear’s Open on Jan 1st, visitors welcome at both events, first races at 10.45 on both days.

November 26th


Race 1 (7 entries)

  1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore)
  2. Val & Ryan Hanson (Wayfarer)
  3. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)

Race 2 (7)

  1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore)
  2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
  3. Val & Ryan Hanson (Wayfarer)


Race 1 (10 entries)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier)
  2. Darren Pike (Phantom)
  3. Ian Ayres (Solo)

Race 2 (9)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier)
  2. Bob Hawkins (Solo)
  3. Ian Ayres (Solo)

Mixed PM Race 3 (7)

  1. 1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore)
  2. Ian Ayres (Solo)
  3. Mike Broadbent & Hugh Rout (Xenon)

Autumn Series Results Overall


Race 1 (21 entries)

  1. Bob Sparrow & Various Crew (Wayfarer) – 10pts
  2. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore) – 15
  3. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 19

Race 2 (24)

  1. Bob Sparrow & Various Crew (Wayfarer) – 9pts
  2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 16
  3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore) – 17


Race 1 (31 entries)

  1. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker) – 10pts
  2. Daniel Bull (Laser Radial) – 12
  3. Bob Hawkins (Solo) – 14

Race 2 (33)

  1. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 13
  2. Bob Hawkins (Solo) – 35
  3. Daniel Bull (Laser Radial) – 36

Mixed PM Race 3 (18)

  1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore) – 4
  2. Bob Sparrow & Various Crew (Wayfarer) – 6
  3. Daniel Harvey (Pico) – 10

RBSC Attend Broadland Youth Regatta

Fantastic news everyone. The club put a team into the Broadland Youth Regatta last weekend for the first time in over 10 years. For the newbies amongst you this is an annual one day racing regatta attended by most of the youngsters (19 and under) from clubs all over Norfolk.

The team was made up of Alex, Luke, Libby, Mickey and Ed. Tamsin, Richard, Mark and Chris did an awsome job in getting the kit from the club to WOBYC and looking after the team on the day. but not as cracking a job as the team did on the water. Much of the team had done little racing and some of them only started sailing in the Spring at Try Sailing. So to be brave enough to go and compete with 50 boats and national standard youth sailors on a large broad like Oulton is quite an achievement. Well done to all you participants, You’ve done the club proud.

IMG_1463Luke and Alex won the Endeavour Trophy on the day. This is awarded to the sailors who attend the regatta and show grit and determination at the event. Both these guys and our other members seemed pretty undaunted by the volume of boats on the water. Mike Mac was helping out with the event and commented on how fantastic Alex was given how little experience he has. To gain credit from Mike, Wayfarer National Champion is indeed an accolade to be cherished. Indeed it’s something I’d like to aspire to.

Credit has also to go to Tamsin and Richard who have both been working with the youngsters during the season. When Tamsin offered to help out with youth sailing earlier in the year I challenged her to get a team into the regatta in three years. So to do it first year is magic. Well done Tamsin.

Broadland Youth Regatta

Thanks to Rachel and Pete for these.

Check them out on our Flickr Page its easier to view and offers a full screen slideshow.

Full size images can be down loaded from the RBSC Flickr Page,
How To Downlaod a Photo from the RBSC Flickr page 2014