Sailing Instructions

RBSC – Sailing Instructions -27/05/09

1 Rules

  1. RBSC’s Regatta’s and Series will be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). The RYA prescriptions as in YR1 and as amended by these Sailing Instructions

2 Entries

  1. Conditions of Entry will be as recommended by the Add. A (RYA) to Appendix J
  2. Boats must be entered by completing entry forms in the clubhouse, before the first preparatory signal in a race start sequence.
  3. Visitors may enter Club events, but are not eligible for Club Trophies
  4. Any boat not signed in by the boat’s representative will not be entered by the OOD
  5. Adequate personal buoyancy shall be worn afloat. This changes Rule 40

3 Notices to competitors

  1. Notices to competitors will be posted on the Race notice board located in the clubhouse

4 Changes in Sailing Instructions

  1. Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be posted before10am on the day it will take effect and attention will be drawn to them

5 Signals made ashore

  1. Flag signals will be displayed in front of the Race Box
  2. Flag Q with one sound signal means the secondary start line will be used
  3. Flag AP with two sound signals (one when lowered) means: – The race is postponed. The warning signal will be made not less than 1 minute after the AP is lowered
  4. If the race is postponed for more than 30 minutes it will be abandoned to allow the next programmed race to start on time
  5. Flag S with 2 sound signals means the race is shortened to the line in 11. 3.Flag S plus class flag means the race is shortened for that class only. The OOD will ensure that the leading boat is aware of the change of course
  6. General recall – the recalled class will restart after all other scheduled starts (this changes rule 29.3)

6 Schedule of Races

  1. Regattas – As printed in a Notice of Race, or as stated at the Pre Race Briefing
  2. Club Series – As printed in the RBSC Programme

7 Class Flags

  1. Class flags will be the International Code Flags
  2. Numeral 9 Allcomers A Numeral 6 Allcomers B

8 Racing Area

  1. The racing area will be Rollesby Broad and Eels Foot Broad

9 The Course

  1. White numbers on red or green backgrounds will indicate the course. The numbers to be read from left to right, background colours indicate whether the mark should be left to port or starboard.
  2. A black & white number on the right hand side of the board shall indicate the number of rounds

10 Marks

  1. Rollesby Broad – Open Regattas and Club Events
    1. Marks 2-6 shall be placed in a clockwise order with No 2 to the left of the Clubhouse and No 6 in the by the bridge.
    2. No 1 is a spare mark identified by a yellow flag
  2. Eelsfoot Broad – Club Events only
    1. Mark No. 7 shall be placed by the Café, No. 8 in the central area and No. 9 by the Eelsfoot PH. Two small marks shall be placed at each end of the Eelsfoot cut, and the use of one paddle per boat is allowed between these. Boats sailing shall have right of way over boats paddling.

11 The Start

  1. Races will be started using rule 26, with classes starting at 5 minute intervals except that Allcomers A & B will be started together when 3 or fewer B’s have entered.
  2. 2 long sound signals indicate that the starting procedure will begin in 5 minutes
  3. The primary start line shall be between the orange post on the clubhouse starters box and an outer distance mark identified with an R flag. An inner distance mark with a blue flag will also be used and boats are required to pass between the inner and outer distance marks.
  4. The secondary start line shall be between a mark of the course or the outer distance mark and an orange pole near/in the green boat. The inner distance mark may also be used and boats are required to pass between the inner and outer marks. This must be within the sound range of the Race Box
  5. Boats whose preparatory signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and all boats whose preparatory signal has been made
  6. Rule 45 does not apply. Rule 86.1(b)
  7. A boat shall not start more than 5 minutes after her starting signal. This changes R A4.1

12 The Finish

  1. The finishing line will be the line used in 11.3

13 Time Limit

  1. Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes after the first boat finishes or within the time limit which ever shall be the later, will be scored DNF This changes rule 35

14 Protests

  1. Protests will be written on forms available at the race office and delivered within 30 minutes after the time of the last boat’s finish
  2. Protests will be heard in approximately the order of receipt as soon as possible

15 Scoring

  1. All boats with a PY of 1159 and less will be scored as Allcomers A’s – All boats with a PY of 1160 and more will be scored as Allcomers B’s
  2. Regattas
    1. The boat will be scored when the crew is as named on the entry sheet
    2. The low point system rule A4 will apply, modified so that each boat’s score will be the total of her race scores with her worst score discarded if 4 or more races have been completed
  3. Club Series
    1. The helm, not the boat, will be scored
    2. The low point system rule A4 will apply, with discards included in the countback process before the score from the last race. The number of races to count for a series will be half the total number of completed plus one rounded own to the nearest whole number. (For Wednesday it will be half the number completed races rounded down to the nearest whole number)

16 Prizes

  1. Series prizes will be awarded provided half of the possible races have been sailed
  2. Prizes will be awarded as follows:-
    1. Three or less competitors – 1st place only
    2. Four or Five Competitors – 1st and 2nd place only
    3. Six competitors or more – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place only