Kidz Day Cancellation

Due to the appearance of Blue-Green Algae on the broad and the potential health hazard, however small and particularly for children, it has been decided to cancel this event

Apologies for the short notice but we were only made fully aware of the situation on Thursday 19th May and felt it prudent to adopt a cautious and responsible approach 

It seems likely that a combination of prolonged and stable warm weather together with existing water conditions has caused the naturally occurring blue-green algae to bloom 

The standard information is that sailing is perceived as a medium risk activity where health is concerned and that after affects, if any, can be dependant on the degree of exposure to water in this condition

 This situation is not uncommon and I have no wish to cause unnecessary alarm but if it is of concern to members, particularly those with children, I suggest that you research it on the Internet and make your own informed decision regarding your sailing activities

Info Blue Green Algae

 Simon Purdon

Vice Commodore

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  1. Hi Simon, I was wondering if the photos you took on saturday the 21st of may are avalible yet if so could you please send them to my email or post them on the site for viewing. I went sailing with josh gray and his father steve

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