RBSC Safety Boat Refresher Course

We have arranged two one‐day safety boat refresher courses at the club on Saturday 29th June and 13th July.

The club is currently short of people experienced in safety boat routines. We should be operating every Sunday with at least one able rescue boat person and are currently in the position where we may request certain members to perform 3 duties a year to ensure our safety cover.

The course is intended for people who already have some power boat experience, but would like a reminder on safety boat best practice.

On this occasion, the arrangements have changed from those we ran previously. Whilst the day will take place at Rollesby in our boats, it will be facilitated by an instructor from NSSA at Filby.

The course will run from 09:30am to 03:00pm, each day and we have 12 places, 6 for each day.

The course will be free to members, the cost of the two days being subsidised from the club.

Since places are limited, this day will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

If  you would like to take part, please email

membership@rbsc.org.uk or contact Pete Smith on 01953 606334.

Please contact Pete before 14th June . Then we can advise Filby of