Non-Native Species


In October Killer Shrimp were discovered in our Broad. They have been found all around our jetties and quay headings along with other locations along the top half of the Broad. To prevent the spread sailing is restricted for the time being to the upper portion of the Broad.

This will be reviewed in January when another survey will be carried out.

The following is from Eilish Rothney, The Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Trinity Broads Warden:“Please do make sure that all the buoys and any other equipment is thoroughly dry before being put in the water and can you remind all attendees to be especially careful around the quay heading and jetties – not to allow ropes/sails etc to trail in the water. If any wading is done to launch boats please clean clothing/boots in very hot water (preferably boiling) and dry thoroughly. We need to be aware of the importance of not spreading the shrimp to any other water-bodies.”

If anyone takes a boat away from Rollesby, that it is thoroughly cleaned before it is used in any other body of water.

By Spring, we hope to have a cleaning station set up.

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