Wayfarer Training Day (Saturday 19th Sept)

Wayfarer Training Day (Saturday 19th Sept)
Hosted by our very own Wayfarer expert! Mike McNamara will begin with a talk through boat set up and tuning, followed by several short racing exercises concentrating on starting and then spinnaker handling, let’s get some colourful sails up! A spinnaker is not essential to join in the day………

If you can be at the club with your boat rigged (or at least partly rigged) by about 11 am it would help.

Note the club toilets will be open, but not the changing rooms or club room, please come dressed for the weather and bring a packed lunch / drinks.

Whilst the technical tuning bits will be particularly focused on Wayfarers, the exercises and tips will be similar for any traditional symmetrical spinnaker boat so these will be welcome too.

If you are likely to come can you please let Ian know on Sunday 13th (if you haven’t already) or by the contacts below so we have some Idea of numbers and when everyone has arrived.

See you on the water!

Ian Ayres
01692 670547

Start procedure Alteration

Hello All

We have been blessed with some really good turnouts this summer, we have had an influx of new members, plus the lack of holiday opportunities; the competition has been strong, but unfortunately the wind hasn’t been helpful in direction!
General opinion seems to be that we should not split the fleets, which distinguishes summer series sailing from the winter series, however with the larger turnouts we have had issues with too many boats arriving at the first windward mark together.

We already have within our sailing instructions the ability to use any mark of the course and a committee boat as a start line for example to use mark number 5 to create a beat to number 6 in the event of an easterly breeze (see attached). In order to create a longer first beat if the wind is from a northerly direct we are adding the following sentence.

11.4 b Alteration to start procedure (11.4 – see below)
In addition to using any mark of the course, mark 2 or 4 can be used to create the end of a start line when the windward mark is either mark 5 or 6.

Signals will still be made from the box and the rescue officer will need to have the radio to hand to feedback on anyone OCS (over the line). For this period, the REAR of the rescue boat will act as the end of the line so that the rescue officer can see anyone OCS from their normal seating position. If rescue officers prefer they may put one of the existing line marks in the water to secure the rear of the rescue boat.

Race officers please try out his procedure when we have northerly winds – I’m sure I will get feedback!
Any comments to my email below please rather than replying to the duty officer mail directly.

It may slightly affect our ability to use average laps for slower boats, but given the current nature of the fleet which has coalesced around boats of similar handicaps this should not be an issue – we will address it if it becomes so. This is more of an issue if we use 5 as a start mark where a whole beat plus is added to the first lap.

The finish line should be set as normal in front of the clubhouse where the race officer can have a good view of it!

Can I take this opportunity to remind everyone that mark 1 can be set anywhere within / near the area of marks 2,4,5,6, (some people use this very effectively). It might be useful in certain conditions to use it as a spreader to take boats away from mark 5 or 6 before they turn back toward boats still sailing up the beat – feel free to ask if you need further explanation.

Given the current covid restrictions; please take this email as notice of the alteration, as we don’t have access to the normal noticeboards!

I will try to ensure there is a short briefing on the first occasion we use this procedure.

See you on Sunday?

Summer Regatta – 9th Aug

19 boats started at least one of the two races for Rollesby’s Summer regatta held on Sunday 9th August. Having been pursuit racing fro the last few weeks, some of the fleet were a little cautious at the first start, but 15 out of 16 crossed the second start in under 8 seconds, so they were back up to speed by then!

A northerly wind meant a short first beat in the first race. Chris Toothill (Phantom) led round in amongst a group of Solos; Roger Wilson, Mike Horwitz and John Saddington with Stuart Highfield in his Laser. These five took full advantage of the short spreader leg, to avoid the pile up behind caused by a port tack Wayfarer tryng to squeeze in where the was clearly no room!

Wilson and Toothill sailed fastest downwind and pulled out a good lead over the fleet, Daniel Bull (Laser) and Howard Astley-Jones (Vareo) took some different routes to the fleet and did well to pull through and away from the pack, but it was those good starts that gave the first two places to Roger and John with Dan third and Howard 4th.

A small change in direction and a steadier breeze allowed a slightly longer first beat, though this time it was the Laser fleet that were doing circles at the first mark! Roger and Howard led early on with Daniel Harvey (Laser) in closest proximity. Dan B was enjoying the stronger breeze again recovering from a poor start to catch Dan H late on.

Howard slowly pulled out a gap, as Wilson practised doing penalty turns (more than once), and won on the water, only to produce a dead heat on handicap. Dan B was third with Ellie Edwards holding on to the faster boats well in her Splash to finish 4th. Some commiseration to Chris Toothill who finished second on the water only to drop to 16th (last) on handicap as the whole fleet finished within 4 minutes on corrected time – tight racing folks……..

16 Entries Both races to count.

1. Roger (Solo)– 2 pts
2. Howard (Vareo) – 5
3. Daniel B (Laser) – 6
4. John (Solo) – 9
5. Mike (Solo) – 11
6. Daniel H (Laser) 14
7. Clive (Laser) – 18
8. Ellie (Splash) – 19
9. Dave M (Solo) – 19
10. Val & Chris (Wayfarer) – 21
11. Chris T (Phantom) – 23
12. Bob & Steve (Wayfarer) – 23
13. Stuart (Laser) – 23
14. Dave & Dianne (Ent) – 26
15. Chris F & crew (Laser 2) – 27
16. Steve & Heather (Wayfarer ) – 32

Return to ‘Near Normal’ Sunday sailing.

Following another successful Sunday morning sailing (16 boats in July!) the committee have been considering how we can return to a somewhat more normal program for most of August and September.

Please note – this was written before the RYA’s latest instructions of 29th July – we will keep you updated as we know more ourselves! – see footnote

This weekend (Sun 2nd August) will run as we have been, with two informal pursuit races; race officer already sorted!.

Sunday 9th August – Summer Regatta
2 morning handicap races – both to count! 

Subsequent Sundays
2 handicap races, in the mornings only, to count for the summer series. At present we cannot return to normal catering so have no intention to run afternoon racing (which to be fair is poorly supported – especially in the summer). We hope this might change by September (who knows?) and will continue to keep Angie updated.

Racing will continue to be subject to lower wind limits than usual due to safety boat restrictions, competitors need to be aware of this.

There will be no Eels Foot Race in August due to the safety boat / race crew restrictions.

Currently we can have two people in the race box – provided they are socially distanced, but only one in the rescue boat.
Wed evening racing will continue as per the program, but the 4pm race will hopefully continue through September (and possibly beyond) subject to demand – this could become a permanent fixture next year? 
Cheers All 

Nice to be back on the water even if one race was enough for me!


NB.RYA update of 29th July – this implies that for the Regatta on the 9th we will be able to accept entries from double handed crews who are not within an ‘existing household / bubble’ and that similarly we can man the rescue boat with two people in a similar manner. Please bear with us, we need to check the slightly blurry details in this document and how it relates to our Covid risk assessment before we can put these changes into action.

Informal Pursuit racing on a Sunday!

The ten boats who ignored the forecast (west force1) enjoyed two informal pursuit races in a gentle north easterly force 2. – Well what else would you expect at Rollseby!

The Solos starting first showed a little ring rust as they headed off to the wrong mark, allowing the Lasers of Clive Girling and Daniel Harvey to over take on the first lap. Clive took full advantage of the shifting winds to eke out a commanding lead, Simon Strode recovered to pull through to second, with Daniel third and Chris Foster using his spinnaker to good effect to bring his Laser 2 through from the last sater tto fourth at the finish.

Race two saw the Solos of Simon and Mike Horwitz slowly pull away from the fleet, using the cleaner air they had to good effect and some better angles at mark approaches. Mike taking the win from Simon after a close battle througout. The Lasers used their close quarter tacking ability to eventually get away from the Wayfarers with Daniel taking class honours this time.

We intend to run this format for the next three Sundays (safe weather permittng), why not come and join in.

Race 1 (9 entries)

1. Clive Girling (Laser)
2. Simon Strode (Solo)
3. Daniel Harvey (Laser)
4. Chris Foster (Laser 2)

Race 2 (8)

1. Mike Horwitz (Solo)
2. Simon Strode (Solo)
3. Daniel Harvey (Laser)
4. Clive Girling (Laser)

Restart Sailing

Latest update on Sailing at RBSC


Read RISK ASSESSMENT Here………Updated August 3rd

The sailing should be for exercise and wellbeing and should not be used for social gatherings,. With this in mind (for those not working) it may be worthwhile considering sailing during the week rather than at weekends, we would however suggest that you arrange for a ‘sailing buddy’ to be present for safety reasons. 

Please only sail when conditions are well within your level of competence. (Limited Safety cover on Race days, No rescue Cover for Social Sailing)  We do not want any accidents or need to involve the emergency services. The use of mast head floats would reduce the risk of the mast getting stuck in the mud if you did capsize and members should consider their use. . 

Norfolk Wildlife Trust have requested that we try to keep 10 metres away from the reed margins when sailing and keep out of the woods to avoid disturbing nesting birds, also to take care when  turning over upturned boats to ensure that any nesting birds are not disturbed 

Remember to bring and use your hand sanitiser.  

We will be monitoring government guidelines and hopefully in the near future we will be able to implement some form of racing..

Enjoy your sailing, 

Stuart Highfield – Commondore 

Mike Horwitz – Safety Officer

Daniel is this weeks Star

With the roll of the dice last week selecting the Star class for this weeks sailing it was a rather more sedate week for the e-sailors.

Dave was first off the start line in race one. The fleet split with Phil and Tamsin choosing the left hand side which proved to be the best route and lead rounding the windward mark. It was tight going into the final run with Dave and Phil tussling for wind leaving Tamsin to take the win and Phil second.

Phil hit the line with speed in race two to take and early lead.  After a poor start (for him!) Dan recovered well to challenge Phil on the final leg with both crossing the line with the same time but the e-judge decision gave the win to Phil.

Dave took an early lead in race three and lead until the final hundred metres when Dan covered well and snuck past.

In race four the fleet were fairly close with Dan just ahead at the windward mark but then built a good lead at the finish with Phil a comfortable second.

In the final ‘official’ race of the day Antony appeared to have fitted foils to his Star as he sped away at the start building up a good lead at the finish. Ian rounded the windward mark second and sailed well to hold on to second ahead of a charging Dan and Keith.

After two weeks Dan and Phil lead, clearly these two  have the x-factor compared with the rest of the fleet but it’s getting closer every week as the rest begin to work out the finer points of the ‘game’.

As has become the norm,  we then decided to compete in some unofficial racing in the other classes so we opted to race a few of the faster classes for some fun.


Todays Results

Full Series Results here…

Good luck to Phil Highfield representing the club in East Region eSailing heats. These will take place at 18:30 on Monday evening (18th) and hopefully the regional finals at 18:30 on the 20th May. (I pop the details of how to watch on Whatsapp group when we have them,)

Cork of the Broads

This year the traditional Cock of the Broads race, sailed annually from time immemorial at the Thurne Mouth Open Regatta on the late May Bank Holiday, has had to be cancelled.

In its place a new one-off event has been arranged, the Cork of the Broads. Corks, each numbered with the sail or identification number of any vessel entered, will be started from a bucket at a convenient, if somewhat socially isolated, bridge “somewhere” on the Norfolk Broads. You don’t even have to have a boat to enter. A numbered cork allocated to you will still race.

After tackling a tricky course, beset by swans, adverse currents and flukey winds, the winning cork will be deemed to be the first to reach the floating line across the water at the finish. A lifetime’s collection of a racing fleet of corks has been assembled for the race. The corks will be retrieved to avoid clogging the waterways, and maybe to be used again…

Please pass the word amongst your clubs, chums and rich relations. The cause is a worthy one we believe. The Care Workers Charity looks out for those who have become the Cinderella service in the fight against Covid-19. Very much in the front line, since they care for the most at risk, they have not received the charitable support that the NHS has deservedly enjoyed. We hope that this bit of fun on the water will help, in a small way, to do something for those who carry so much of a burden at this terrible time.

If you haven’t yet, please donate on the link below, and if you have, please pass on the link so we can reach the target, or even surpass it!

P.S. Don’t forget to email your entry details to to be sure of your entry/entries. Thank you for your support. 

RBSC E-series 2 Report

With the lockdown restrictions still in place,  today saw the commencement of the second e-series.   This follows the conclusion of the clubs initial series last week in which Phil was crowned overall winner and hence having the responsibility of representing the club in the e-sailing regional championship.

With the ‘newbies’ to the game now getting to grips with their craft the racing is proving to be closer with just about everyone heading the fleet at some point. And with the exception of one race everyone finished with 46 seconds of each other, another indication of how everyone was improving.

It proved to be a slow start for our newly crowned champion as it took a couple of races to get back to his winning ways !

In race one Tamsin, Dan & Keith led the fleet by some distance with Phil having to go back after a premature start.  On the final downwind leg Tamsin appeared to have the race until the technical gremlins ejected her from the game leaving Dan to take the win. The has led to a new race classification of GBO !

Dan took an early lead in race two which he held throughout the race with Keith, Phil and Dave fighting over the next three places. On the line Keith crossed just ahead of Phil then Dave.  Just behind Antony and Ian enjoyed a close tussle throughout the race with Antony crossing the line 1.5 seconds ahead. Tamsin again ‘disappeared’ from the water, perhaps she needs to speak to technical support !

The fleet were closely bunched up the first windward leg in race three. Dan was choosing the upwind routes well and edged round the windward mark first followed by Dave. By the final downward leg Dan had opened up a good lead over Dave who was just ahead of Keith and Phil who were covering each other, Phil eventually crossing the line half a second ahead of Keith.

Phil finally got back to his winning ways in race four after leading Dave and Dan round the course with Dan edging Dave out of second place by 0.1 seconds and Keith and Ian just behind.

In the final ‘official’ race of the day Phil again lead the fleet closely followed by Dan. Only a few seconds separated Dave and Keith on the final downwind leg with Dave just managing to hold on against a charging Keith.

So Dan takes an early lead in the series but Phil is close behind. With the racing thus far taken place in 49er’s the general consensus was to try another craft for next week. This lead to the decision to try all them so for the following weeks we will be sailing, Stars, Formula 18, F50, J70, Offshore Yachts and finally the Nacra 17. So in order to prepare for this Keith kindly set up a few practise races in Stars, F18 and F50.

Full Results on Website here…..

Highfield – E Club Champion.

This week is was time to put all the training to good use in the RYA eSailing Spring Club Championships – Qualifier, each registered club puts forward a Club Champion to go onto the Regional Heats to be completed by 24th May.  Recent form had 2 clear favourites in Phil Highfield and Daniel Harvey who were neck and neck in the Spring E-series.  It was going to be 5 races of 3 laps  in the 49er with 3 to count.  (The higher discard count to cater for unforeseen technical difficulties) . 

In the First race the usual 2 suspects were at the front in a close battle, Phil just pipping Daniel to the line by 2 seconds with Tamsin not far behind in third.  Race 2 a close battle to the end,  Phil first over the line with Keith pushing Daniel back into third. Phil was looking good to be club champion just needing 1 more win to claim the title.  Race 3 – Another closely fought race this time Daniel taking the win by 3 seconds and Dave finding his form in Third. So at this stage Phil the Daniel with a three way tie for third.  Race 4 – Would Phil seal the deal?  Not this time, for a change Phil was back in the pack, Dave wining, Daniel and Keith 3rd.  Still it wasn’t over if Daniel could take the win the title would be his.  Race 5 – Phil got away at the windward mark with Dave a few seconds back and Daniel hot on his heals.  Phil managed to hold for a comfortable win and the title, Daniel overall 2nd and Dave 3rd.

So Phil is off to the RYA East regional Qualifier (more details to follow),  and he also takes the RBSC E-Spring Series title from Daniel and Tamsin in 3rd.

Full Series Results Here……

In a post race interviews when asking the top 2 for their race tips.

Phil – “Auto Vmg is very good on a phone or tablet, but it can hide the shifts a bit”

Daniel“I tend to keep an eye on the top left circle and the darker areas where the wind is stronger (Phil really uses this well!) This is especially beneficial at the start. Also, if behind on the downwind leg, try and use your wind shadow to slow the other boat. A good WiFi signal helps too, it’s really frustrating when in a good position and you get kicked out! and good footwear too, I nearly came a cropper between races walking to get another beer!”

So next week a new series, format as to be confirmed, although it will still be five races each week.

The racing is getting closer and a bit more tactical. So come and Join us next week.  (we can always do some informal races before Sunday if required.)

Good luck to Phil and See you all next week.