Wed Report May 1st.

Race Report – Personal Handicap Pursuit – Wed 1st May 2024
The first of May came with some warmer weather at last. Thirteen boats went out to enjoy the race in a moderate North Breeze which held up all evening for the second week running.

Henrietta Highfield set of first, this week sailing a Topper. She held her lead for two laps before being overtaken by Mike McNamara and Ian Curtis in their Wayfarer who went on to win the race. Three generations of the Highfields were out with the senior, Stuart showing the way with a second place in his Laser. Chris Foster helming the wayfarer with Auriel claimed a third.

At the end of the race there was a close competition between the Streaker’s of
Roger Wilson and Phil Highfield.
With the number of boats racing the first and last three will all have changed
handicaps for next week.