Safety For All


Activities at Rollesby Broad Sailing Club are undertaken with safety in mind – So, activities are fun for everyone!

DrownWear a buoyancy aid when on or near the water
Suffer Cold Water Shock or HypothermiaWear a Dry or Wetsuit whenever water is cold
Bash your headThink about the risk of sudden boom movements. Consider wearing head protection.
Lose control of the safety boatWear the kill cord whenever the engine is running
Suffer a propeller injurySwitch off engine before anyone gets near the propeller
Sail aloneNobody can help you if something unexpected happens

At Rollesby, please do…….

  • Look after the welfare of other sailors, especially if they may be in
    difficulty on or off the water.
  • Get injured or incapacitated sailors off the water as quickly as possible
    and seek appropriate help.
  • Be alert to natural hazards – lightning, weed, blue-green algae, duck

Activities are covered by the Club’s RBSC Risk Assessment rev24_04_16

Should incidents occur, or should things go wrong.

RBSC Emergency Response rev 24 04 15

is in effect to help those in charge recover any situation.

Members are invited to become familiar with the content of the above two documents copies of which are available in the Clubhouse