Race Sign On – Sailevent

Due to the issues with using a shared sign on sheet we are trialling E-signon from SailEvent – Its Free!

It’s a very simple process

Testing………….. Iframe Responsive??? Need the Ratio setting in CSS depending on how many comps to display.

Register once for the Series. (This is because you need to authorise email reminders etc.) – You can always turn off the reminder when registerd.

If you have lost of deleted the Email. You can get a new one sent here….

Sign Up Demo

If you have 2 boats – Just sign up again it’s only – Part 1 for subsequent boats

Each Sunday you receive and email – Click (I’m Sailing) and Thats It.

Sign In Demo

It you don’t have a smartphone – Just complete the above and you can verbally sign on on at the Club or at home from 8am on a Sunday..

If your OOD

To access the Sign on Sheet click Here…… – The PIN is in the Racebox

To Download for import to DSRC click here……