Rollesby Broad’s World Champion

Rollesby regular Dennis Manning has been enjoying great team success taking a Gold Medal in the World Blind Match Racing championships held in Perth, Australia. Dennis competes as headsail trimmer for the GB team along with Nick Donnini (mainsail) and Vicki Sheen (Helm). Sailing takes place in Sonar keel boats with acoustic signals from bouys and boats to indicate course and directions.

The championship comes to the UK next year so we’ll have home champions with a title to defend. It is hoped that the format which has been developed over the last few years is now sufficiently tested that it can be included in the paraolympics in 2020.

One thought on “Rollesby Broad’s World Champion”

  1. Well done Dennis,good to hear of your success.
    By the way don`t expect to don`t get any extra rights on the water for being world champion,just in case you wondered.

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