Maintenance & Lost Property

Hi Folks

Firstly a gentle reminder that this coming Saturday (22nd) is Maintenance Day, at this time of year its all about ensuring the club is generally tidy (both inside and out!) and rigging all the club boats to get them in order for the season ahead. Plenty of jobs for anyone who can spare a couple of hours, free lunch if  you’re there all day, and tea / coffee!

On the lost property front, someone is going to be disappointed when they find my worn-out dry-suit in their bag – Black / Grey  Gill suit – Large size with worn cuffs and slightly leaking leg seams! They left me a much better condition Medium size one – on Sunday 9th March. Let me know who you are, guess you’ll want to swap back!

Dennis has lost a nice shiny paddle and a left handed Henri-Lloyd glove – please return if you’ve accidentally picked either of these up.

There is a large bag of lost property on the sofa in the clubhouse, some stuff has been in it all winter – if you think any is yours please check before the end of the month when the bag will go to a charity shop.