Not So Frozen Broad – Thurs 16th Feb

The broad has completely defrosted so there should be sailing this weekend.

The races will count for both the Frostbite Regatta and the Frostbite Series which runs until the end of March.

I won’t be there – but if you want to sign up for summer duties please do so as notice coming down soon!




You won’t be suprised given the minus 7 experienced in Rollesby last night that the broad is very solidly frozen – even the ducks were frozen out first thing this morning! No chance of any sailing this weekend but the forecast is for the thaw to start late Sunday, what a shame I’ll be away next weekend – but I will check out the ice’s progress mid week for you all…….

Been for a walk at Hickling this morning, obviously it too is frozen solid, but even if it wasn’t water is so low its starting to look like the tide has gone out, water in the river is six inches lower than i’ve seen it in mid summer and our cruiser is beached in its dyke!

Just visited on my way home (4.30) Thursday 9th

The broad is now 99% ice covered – the ice is hard but not particularly thick. If we get some breeze tomorrow or saturday it might clear provided there is no more snow or heavy frost will try to update this tommorow or sat morning.



Previous ice notices below

Frostbite Regatta Sunday 5th Feb POSTPONED.

There is less ice on the Broad this afternoon but you’d still need skates to round bouy 3! Given the forecast we will not have enough ice free area to offer a regatta sailing programme, however if any one feels like a sail we will endeavour to offer a shortcourse programme for two morning races only provided the ice free area remains.

Please note all competitors will be expected to be suitably dressed and there will be no lunch service just warm drinks


Hi All

Just been down to the broad (4.30 pm Friday 3rd Feb). Currently the surface is 60 to 70 % ice! Given the forecast it seems highly unlikely that this situation will improve before Sunday morning and therefore there is little likelyhood of any sailing this Sunday (5th Feb). I will make a further inspection tomorrow and update this message if possible late afternoon on Saturday. If no update assume ice is worse rather than better!

If as is likely there is no sailing on Sunday the Frosbite Regatta will be postponed until the next Sunday we do sail, but results for individual races will then also count as part of the Frostbite series which runs until the end of March.


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