Rollesby – Ice Watch

Update Sat 26th 1.30 pm

Hmmm! Quite a tricky one……..  The majority of the Broad is still frozen but only very thinly – the birds were breaking through it as I watched! The wind and sun should clear an area large enough for sailing tomorrow. However the area around the jetties are covered in thicker ice; the rain has softened this considerably since last week and it has melted along the jetty edges, if the wind keeps blowing and the ice can move I think it will break up very quickly – there will almost certainly still be some ice in the jetty areas and laying number 3 may prove impossible!

Burgh Road is currently very icy and doesn’t see direct sunlight so probably won’t clear – please drive extra carefully along it – our carpark is completely snow free!

Assuming sailing does happen there will only be a limited choice of catering, don’t expect the full range of hot meals but hot soup and bacon rolls should be available – we had to make a decision early such that the caterers did not spend too much time on preparation or ingredients if they do end up with no customers!

The birders among you may wish to know there were half a dozen Goldeneye amongst the usual Tuftys and Pochards and a solitary male Smew – all helping the Gulls and Coots break up the ice.




Update Fri 25th 4 PM

The Broad has not thawed at all today, forecasts for tonight are mixed, some say snow, some say rain, I suspect that the thaw will come too late for this weekend but will check again tomorrow lunchtime.


Update – Friday 25th AM

The Broad has been largely thawed this week, the breeze last weekend cleared it down to less than 20% ice coverage, though the jetty area was still iced in!

This morning the whole broad is covered with thin ice, it will depend on whether the temperature rises sufficiently today to melt it before the snow arrives later as to how much it clears!

If I get out of work before dark I’ll check it again on my way home and will go down tomooorow to let you know how the snow affects the Broad, could be the forecast wind clears the ice very quickly.



Update – Saturday Lunch time (19th Jan)

I think it is fair to say there will be no sailing tommorrow. There is a little less ice than yesterday but similar amount as when the first notice posted on Thursday (80%). Caterers have been cancelled so they don’t have to prepare lunches.

I will probably walk down about 10.30 and check the clubhouse / boil the kettle if any one wants to come and chack their boat.



Update – Thursday Evening (17th Jan)

The Broad is approx 80% frozen – given the forecast I can only see this getting worse, unless by chance the wind causes the ice to break up, I don’t really expect there to be aby sailing this weekend – sure this won’t suprise many of you!

I will put an update on the website on Saturday afternoon so watch this space.

Stay Warm