Winter Regatta Report

It certainly felt seasonal as 25 boats were rigging for Rollesby Broad’s Winter regatta in a cold northerly breeze on Sunday 1st December. However the sun appeared from behind the cloud, the rain eased off and an excellent days racing ensued.

Heading out to the start

With a short first beat set into the more sheltered corner of the broad it was a question of who would gamble on a port or at least port end start and who would play the safer but less windy starboard end!

Despite launching their new boat the multisails were not in generous mood, cutting out Bob Sparrow & Steve Gibbons attempt at the port start. Dave Houghton & John Symonds starting near that end lead round the first mark. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning recovered well from a mid fleet start to eventually take the win by one second, with Mike McNamara & Andy Smith third in their Albacore. 

In the single handers Ian Ayres (Solo) nailed the port start with Daniel Bull (Laser) in close attendance, these two rapidly cleared off into a huge lead as the rest of the fleet blanketed each other on the run down the broad. Chris Foster (Laser) and John Saddington (Solo) led the chasing pack with only Richard Brown in his Solution ever getting clear. The rising wind on the last lap favoured Bull who won by 10 seconds on handicap from Ayres with Brown third.

A slightly more even start in race two saw McNamara gain just enough ground on the Wayfarers to take the win from Wilson by 8 seconds with Houghton third. Bull was not messing around, leading the single-handers from start to finish with only Foster in close pursuit. Keith Sykes and Stuart Highfield made it a top four of Lasers on the water, though Ayres recovered from dead last at the second mark to take third on handicap.

Race office Chris Mann had kept the results hidden and with a good turnout decided to keep the fleets in split starts for the afternoon sail. McNamara showed how a port start should be done leading well round the first mark; the Wayfarers set their spinnakers for the run and were off in good pursuit. Wilson pipped Houghton on the line but was forced to retire following an earlier incident, leaving the first three boats all on three points! Houghton & Symonds took the event on countback.

The single handers were more spread out on the line; Ayres, Foster and Saddington were ahead in that order at the first mark. After a close three way battle, Foster had to retire with gear failure on lap two leaving the two Solos to swap places several times with Ayres getting well ahead on lap 3 and Keving Postlethwaite completing the class podium clean sweep.

Multisails (10 Entries)

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 3 pts
  2. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore) – 3
  3. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer) – 3
  4. Bob Sparrow & Steve Gibbons (Wayfarer) – 7
  5. Jim Anderson & Steve Vaughan (Wayfarer) – 9
  6. Phil Highfield (RS700) – 16

Single Handers (15 Entries)

  1. Daniel Bull (Laser) – 2 pts
  2. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 3
  3. Chris Foster (Laser) – 6
  4. John Saddington (Solo) – 7
  5. Kevin Postlethwaite (Solo) – 8
  6. Daniel Harvey (Radial) – 10
  7. Richard Brown (Solution) – 11
  8. Keith Sykes (Laser) – 11
  9. Clive Girling (Laser) – 13
  10. Stuart Highfield (Laser) – 14
  11. Chris Codling (Laser) – 17
  12. Steve Leigh (Solo) – 20
  13. Phil Alison (Solo) – 21

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Autumn series Report

For the final episode of the Autumn series the wind took a little while to arrive but a light breeze blowing up the broad arrived mid way through the first race. Before the sailing there was much discussion in the Multisail fleet relating to ‘Bobs new boat’, a lovely new Wayfarer. Many were disappointed to learn that Bob was going to delay it’s initial launch as he needs to learn what to do with all the extra ropes he now has to play with and so ‘Non Teaky Two’ was launched instead ! In the Multisail fleet the light winds caught everyone out as all were a little late over the start.

light winds caught everyone out as all were a little late over the start.

The Wayfarer of Dave Houghton & John Symonds were the first to cross taking an  early but short lived lead  as Mike McNamara & Andy Smith sailing an Albacore quickly passed to lead to the finish. However the long downwind leg allowed the pursuing Wayfarers to fly spinnakers with Dave & John just keeping close enough to win on handicap with Mike & Andy second and Bob Sparrow & Tony Gibbs sailing their ‘old’ Wayfarer third. 

There was a good turnout for the Singlehander start with fifteen entries. Daniel Bull (Laser) hit the line with speed to gain a small lead at the first mark which he extended over the next three laps to cross the line a minute and a half ahead of the next boat to take the race. Behind Dan Harvey (Laser)  worked is way up the fleet crossing the line next and just one second ahead of the Streaker of Phil Highfield. Not far behind were the Solos of John Saddington and Kevin Postlewaite crossing the line one second apart and taking second and third on corrected time.

Race 2 – Single handers pre start

For the second race the wind had increased a tad. The Multisail fleet were all lined up at the start in good time!  Mike & Andy led from the start to the finish but not clear enough as Dave & John just took the win on corrected time with Mike & Any second. Daniel continued his good form leading race two from start to finish, although this time joined by  Andy Bassett, also sailing a Laser just a few seconds behind. These two opened up a good lead on the rest of the fleet to claim the top two places. Clive Girling worked his way up the fleet to cross the line third in his Laser but was piped by the Solos of John & Kevin who again crossed the line just one second apart with John again just ahead to take third. 

Whilst there was still a reasonable wind at the start of race three it slowly decreased throughout the race. Mike & Andy led from the start to the finish crossing the line over four and a half minutes ahead of the next boat to take the race win. The Solos of Kevin and Mike Horowitz led the rest of the fleet to finish second and third.

Rollesby Broad SC Autumn series
Race 1 Multisail (4) : 1 Wayfarer 10000 (D Houghton & J Symonds),
2 Albacore 8225 (M McNamara & A Smith), 3 Wayfarer 10213 (R Sparrow & A Gibbs). 
Race 1 Singlehanders (15) : 1 Laser 207011 ( D Bull), 2 Solo 5443 (J Saddington),
3 Solo 4896 (K Postlethwaite). 
Race 2 Multisail : 1 Wayfarer 10000, 2 Albacore 8225, 3 Wayfarer 10213.
Race 2 Singlehanders (14) : 1 Laser 207011, 2 Laser 216564 (A Bassett), 3 Solo 5443. 
Race 3 Combined (10) : 1 Albacore 8225, 2 Solo 4896, 3 Solo 4405  (M Horowitz). 

Autumn Series Overall
Race 1 Multisail (14) : 1 Wayfarer 10213, 2 Wayfarer 11111 (R Wilson & D Manning),
3 Wayfarer 10000.
Race 1 Singlehanders (28) : 1 Solo 5443, 2 Laser 170578 (R Brown), 3 Solo (David Bull).
Race 2 Multisail (12) : 1 W11111, 2 W10213, 3 W10000.
Race 2 Singlehanders (25) : 1 Laser 207011 (Daniel Bull), 2 Solo 5443,
3 Laser 169158 (S Highfield).
Race 3 Combined (15) : 1 Albacore 8225, 2 Wayfarer 11111, 3 Solo 5443.

Many thanks to Dave Houghton for this report.

Boat Buddy Scheme

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club (RBSC) is setting up a Boat Buddy scheme.

The idea is that if you are ill, injured or are unable to get to the Club regularly, you can let me know and I will find someone to keep an eye on your boat.

Boats can fall into disrepair when this could sometimes be prevented by another member noticing a torn cover or a heavy puddle drawing the water inside the boat.

By signing up to have your boat checked or to help keep an eye on another member’s boat we can hopefully prevent unnecessary damage…like my first boat pictured here!

If you would like to be part of the scheme, please email and I will try to pair you up with a buddy.

It is important that the buddy does not take the initiative and gets permission from the owner before any intervention. The Club will not take any responsibility for owners’ boats under this scheme. The purpose is to create links between members to help each other out. Requests for and offers of help will not be logged or retained beyond the initial pairing up.

If you have any queries either email me at the above address, through the RBSC Sailors Facebook page or speak to me at the Club.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vince Steele

Whats Appening

Hi All,
A number of people have suggested that it would be useful to have an RBSC – Whats App group so members can keep in touch,

  • See if anyone is planning to sail during the week or on a Saturday
  • Find a a Crew
  • Grab a lift to the club.
  • General Sailing hints and ideas

People can opt in or out at any time. (Remember you are sharing your mobile number with the group.)

Contact with your mobile number to be added to group.

You need to open the link on your phone where whatsapp is installed. (Not on your PC)

Or give me a shout on and I’ll add you.


Last Eel’s Foot – 3 Nov 19

23 boats came to the line for the final Eel’s Foot Race of 2019 at Rollesby on Sunday 3rd November. With the breeze blowing straight down the broad race officer Auriel Gibson was able to set a true line and an absolute maximum first beat!

Race Start – thanks to Daniel

Several normally single-hander helms switched to double handed boats and it was Mike McNamara and Andy Smith in an Albacore who had a narrow lead from the Wayfarers of Dave Houghton & John Symonds and Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning by half way up the beat, with Chris Toothill’s Phantom also in the mix to reach the cut first. 

With greater experience of sailing together; or perhaps of deciding if / when to switch to paddle mode; it was the Wayfarers who emerged ahead. Meanwhile John Saddington and Matt Boreham in their Solos were leading the mid-speed boats with Ian & Sharon Ayres in their Leader and Dan Bull in his Laser also in the mix. 

After two triangular laps of the Eel’s Foot (Ormesby Little) Broad it was time for a long running return leg. The Wayfarers were able to hoist their kites and despite the Albacore and Phantom finishing with them, Wilson took the win from Houghton. The Solos and Leader however had kept close enough and took the next three places on handicap. So by winning the last race, Wilson secured the series from Saddington with McNamara third.

Last Race (23 entries)

1. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
3. John Saddington (Solo)
4. Matt Boreham (Solo)
5. Ian & Sharon Ayres (Leader) 

Series Results (38 participants)

1. Roger Wilson (Solo) – 5 pts
2. John Saddington (Solo) – 10
3. Mike McNamara (Harrier+) – 12
4. Daniel Bull (Laser) – 14
5. Matt Boreham (Laser) – 14

RBSC Autumn Regatta 2019

With a forecast of plenty of wind and plenty of rain it was not surprising that numbers were much reduced for the Autumn Regatta at Rollesby.  Whilst the forecast of rain was spot on the wind was much lighter than expected. Thirteen boats launched and joined the race team on the far bank as they had taken the wise decision to have a committee boat start as the wind was blowing across the broad. 

With a single start for both fleets there was plenty of competition for prime spot on the start line with just one boat over the line. By the first mark the Wayfarer of Dave Houghton & John Symonds held a short lead over the Solo of Roger Wilson and the Streaker of Tamsin Highfield with the latter two enjoying a close battle over the first two laps.  Chris Toothill, sailing a Phantom  recovered well from a poor start and fought his way through the fleet to take the lead on the final lap crossing the line ahead of Houghton & Symonds and Wilson.  

By the start of race two the rain had arrived and the race team may have regretted their decision to leave the comfort of the start box and head out to the start line in the open topped committee boat. Houghton & Symonds led at the windward mark but were soon caught up by a group of three boats.  Halfway down the run the Wayfarer of Robert Sparrow & Chris Gibbons took the lead for a short while until Keith Sykes, sailing a Laser sailed pass the group to windward to lead at the next mark.  

On the second lap the heavens opened and everyone endured a thorough soaking, although the race team by this time had sensibly gone back ashore to enjoy the comforts of the start box. After three laps Houghton & Symonds crossed the line just ahead of Wilson.  Although a third race had been scheduled everyone had decided they were wet enough and voted en masse to call it a day, or was it the lure of Angie’s cooking was just too much!

Next week the club’s Winter season begins commencing the Autumn series.

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club Autumn Regatta (13)

Overall Results

Multisail Fleet

  1. W10000 (D Houghton & J Symonds),
  2. W10213 (R Sparrow & S Gibbons),
  3. W9627 (A Gibson & S Crow)

Monosail Fleet

  1. Solo 5259 (R Wilson),
  2. Laser 137024, (M Boreham)
  3. Solo 5443 (J Saddington)

Thanks to Dave for the Results and Report.

Nicks Clipper RTW Challenge

Hi All
I am about to embarque on a major new challenge for the next year,starting today 1st September from Tower Bridge London I will be circumnavigating the world as part of the crew on a 70ft ocean racing yacht in the ‘Clipper Round the World Challenge’. The race & my progress can be followed by going to and selecting the races viewer.
A part of that challenge is to raise funds for Unicef, one of the boat sponsors. So to help achieve my goal of raising £500 towards a boat total of £33000. I will put in the sea miles if you can spare a little of your hard earned cash for a good cause. You can make a contribution via the JustGiving page.
I am funding the trip myself and any contribution you might make will all go to UNICEF

Some facts

  • No of boats in race fleet: 11
  • Our boat: CV20 ‘Imagine Your Korea’
  • Distance traveled: 41165nm
  • Oceans: 6
  • Days of racing: 228
  • Legs: 8
  • Races: 15
  • Ports visited: 16

best regards & wish me luck!!

Nick Whittle

Summer sailing – the story so far!

Rollesby sailors have been out and about around the area and beyond with several more trips planned for the rest of the summer!
Congratulations to Mike Mc and Simon on winning the Wayfarer UK Nationals (and Internationals) in Ireland.

Sailing is continuing throughout the summer at Rollesby, and what little weed growth we had seems to have receded (as is usual by now).

Roger W has been practising hard for the Solo Nationals next week.
He wrapped up both Whit series, John S finished second in the main morning series with Chris M and Heather pipping Dave and Diane G to third place, and the wine, by one point! 

The summer regatta was sailed on a warm light wind day and Roger won overall (but not all the races) Dan B beat Dan H to second place on countback.

Can we remind anyone using a club boat that there is a nominal fee (for maintenance!) that should be paid to a committee member (John S is best if he is there). Also we need the record book (under the results noticeboard)to be filled out so we can monitor their use and more significantly know about any breakages – we are aware these happen, but can’t fix anything we don’t know about!

We also need a volunteer (actually two!) to represent the club at the interclub Ramuz trophy event – this year to be on Sat 28th Sept at WOBYC in Squibs – please let Ian A know – or phone him by end of August if you are interested.

Enjoy the rest of the summer on the water.