Come and Join the Laser Fleet

If you’ve got a Laser in the dinghy park why not come down and join us this winter. With 11 Lasers already in the Winter already fleet we are all enjoying some close racing. You can even check out Daniels new MK2 sail if you can catch him!!.

No LASER, No Problem, Come and take out the Club laser, with updated controls and a new main sheet this coming weekend.

Close Friendly Racing

Safety Update


The Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Procedure have now been up dated on the web page and Clubhouse notice boards. The one significant change to the RA is that there is now a “single use” first aid kit for the safety boat. This first aid kit is only intended for minor injuries such as a cut on the finger (also included is a survival blanket for a sailor suffering from the cold). For a more serious injuries (racing days & organised Club events) the safety boat to contact the OOD/Individual in-charge and return to the Clubhouse, racing/event to be postponed if necessary. On other days, individuals will need to take responsibility for themselves.

This safety boat first aid kit,when not is use is to be kept in the starter box along with the radios.

If there are any comment, suggestions or questions on safety, please feel free to contact me.

Documents can been seen here…..

Mike Horwitz

Race Control Software Demo

A number of you will have seen the tablet next to the sign-on sheets on a Sunday, here are a couple of videos to show it in action. This version of APP is currently in final stages of testing just checking for bugs. I have also included the instant results from last Sunday Race 2. Any questions just give Keith a shout.

First one shows a demo race with 2 starts shortened to a minute, sorry about some of the sound quality. (YOU WILL NEED TO TURN SOUND ON BOTTOM RIGHT OF VIDEO) for my dodgy commentary 😉

The app is Free and you can run it on any Android device.
The new and improved DSRC V1.0 is now available for download from Get is here…

Check out Demo load files and Manuals etc

Race 2 Results from Sunday.

Second one shows how easy it is to load the results from the APP into Sailwave. Straight to web page in 30 seconds!!!!

New Year’s Day Open 2019 Report

Perhaps encouraged by the relatively mild weather; and certainly by the excellent catering; an impressive fleet of 30 dinghies, including 5 visitors, came to the line for the annual New Year’s Day open meeting at Rollesby Broad SC.

With the wind direction not quite cooperating, a long opening fetch was set with the start line at the far end of the broad. Daniel Bull put his Laser somewhat riskily at the more sheltered windward end of the line, with Paul Wren (Phantom) and Ian Ayres (Solo) starting mid line but above the main pack of boats that ended up losing out by covering each other. Wren led round the first lap from Bull and Ayres. Only Mike McNamara in his Harrier managed catch them on the water to finish second with Ayres taking a big handicap win. Veronica Falat (Steaker) led Ben Falat in his Phantom for much of the race to take third at the front of a close knit pack.

The wind increased for a shorter race 2 giving the faster craft a chance to stretch out in front.

Veronica sailed really well to hold on to the transoms of the faster boats and take the narrowest of wins (3 seconds) from Ben with Wren 3rd, McNamara 4th and Ayres 5th, just 27 seconds covering these five on handicap…

The sun came out in the afternoon as the wind rose a little more. Daniel Harvey and Andy Smith nailed the start in Wayfarer 1804 to be third behind Richard Fryer (RS300) and McNamara round the first two marks. Ben Falat worked his way through well as the faster three craft took out a big lead on the water. McNamara won with Dave Houghton enjoying the heavier breeze to bring his Wayfarer home second ahead of the Falat family; Ben followed by Veronica in third and fourth.

Overall Results (30 Entries)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier) – 3 pts
  2. Veronica Falet (Streaker) – 4
  3. Ben Falet (Phantom) – 5
  4. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 6
  5. Paul Wren (Phantom ) – 7
  6. Dave Houghton (Wayfarer) – 11
  7. Phil Highfield (Solo) – 11
  8. Richard Fryer (RS300) – 14
  9. Matt Boreham (Solo) – 15
  10. Daniel Bull (Laser) – 16
  11. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker) – 20
  12. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 21
  13. Val Hanson (Wayfarer) – 22
  14. Stuart Highfield (Laser) – 25
  15. John Saddington (Albacore) – 26
  16. Daniel Harvey (Wayfarer) – 27
  17. Bob Sparrow (Wayfarer) – 28
  18. Steve Leigh (Solo) – 29
  19. Keith Sykes (Laser) – 30
  20. Richard Brown (Radial) – 32
  21. James Letts (Laser) – 34
  22. Phil Alison (Solo) – 37
  23. Mike Horwitz (Solo) – 37
  24. Chris Codling (Radial) – 41
  25. Vince Steele (Solo) – 44
  26. Phil Harlow (Wayfarer) – 48
  27. Tom Quale (Laser) – 50

Race Report Sunday 30th Dec

At Rollesby 29 boats launched for the seasonal pursuit race.  Eight Lasers formed the largest class taking part. Winds were light and a course was set going round the outside of the marks on the Broad. Steve Witby in his mini sail started  first but on the second lap the chasing solos and streaker had caught up. The leaders started to open out the field by lap three and Michael McNamara in the harrier had worked his way through to the front. In the middle of the fleet some bunching of boats occurred and two groups of the lasers went round close together. When the race timed out McNamara remained in the lead to take the Bent Vase trophy. Roger Wilson and Kevin Postelthwaite followed in solos with Tamsin Highfield’s streaker forth. Dave Houghton and John Symonds in their Wayfarer were onto  Highfield’s transom but did not have time to go past.

The second race was for the Watson Cup where two handed boats were to be sailed by the helm only. This only attracted three entries and Val Hanson lead the way round in a wayfarer. Ian Ayres in his Leader was close behind but a navigational error at the end allowed Hanson an easy win.

Fifteen single handers went out for the third race with McNamara’s Harrier leading all the way. A good performance by Keith Sykes in a laser saw him second on the water and on handicap well ahead of Wilson’s solo in third.

Pursuit Race

Pursuit Race (29)
1. Harrier M. McNamara,
2 Solo 5259 R.Wilson
3. Solo 4896 K.Postlethwaite
4. Streaker T. Highfiled

Watson Cup (3)
1. Val Hanson

Single Handers (15)
1. Harrier M. McNamara,
2. Laser K. Sykes
3 Solo R.Wilson
4. Laser J. Letts

Race report Sunday 16th

A sunny day saw 23 boats on the water for the winter series races. A light wind down the length of the Broad gave rise to mixed fortunes with large gaps between front and back of the fleets.
The eight boats in the multi sail fleet included a turn out of six Wayfarers. David Houghton and John Simmons in a Wayfarer used their spinnaker with usual aplomb to pull away and win both races.
The fifteen single sail boats consisted of eight Solos and a mix of other dinghies. Mike McNamara, in his Harrier, lead round the first race but did not get far enough ahead, giving a win to Kevin Postlethwaite in a solo, followed by the streaker of Phil Highfield and solo of Roger Wilson. In the second race McNamara built up a substantial lead to take an easy win in front of Highfield and Wilson.
Six boats stayed out for the afternoon combined alcommers race. McNamara in the harrier and John Saddington with Dennis Manning in a Wayfarer pulled clear of the rest. McNamara was first on the
water but not far enough ahead, giving Saddington the win by 5 seconds on handicap.

Multi Sail Races 1 and 2 – (8)
1, W10000 David Houghton & John Simmons
2. W11111 John Saddington & Dennis Manning
3. W 10213 Robert Sparrow & Tony Gibbs.

Single Sail Race 1 (15)
1. Solo 4896 Kevin Postlethwaite.
2 Streaker Phil Highfield.
3 Solo 5259 Roger Wilson

Single Sail Race 2 (15)
1. Harrier Mike McNamara.
2. Steaker.
3. Solo 5259

Combined PM Race
1. W11111,
2. Harrier.
3. Solo 3941 Steve Leigh