Summer Social 13th July

Our Summer Social will be here before you know it. The date: Saturday 13th July. The plan is the same as last year for the BBQ, there are a few tweaks on the sailing , which programme now includes a Junior & Novice Regatta.

The programme is as follows:
16.30 WATSON CUP RACE (doubled handed boats, sailed by the helm on their own)
16.35 GREY CUP RACE (single handers)
18.00 BBQ (BBQ to be lit at 17.00)

There will be a charge for the BBQ, £6 Adults, £4 Children (12 and under). Also we are asking if every family unit could bring along a salad / side dish for sharing (please no meat products and if possible label for allergies and your name).
Note: Tea and Cake is for all members regardless if you are staying for the BBQ.

Approximately a month prior to the event you will be able to sign up via WebCollect, where you can indicate if you are coming to the BBQ and how many, what Salad / Side dish you will bring and if you are planning to camp overnight (tent or campervan).

We will also be looking for help, tidying up the site and grounds prior to the event, putting up gazebos, buntings and BBQs on the day and tiding up afterwards on the night. More on this closer to the time.
Meanwhile if any of you have a gazebo you can lend us please let me know. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.
All the best,
07941 430 697

Wed Report May 1st.

Race Report – Personal Handicap Pursuit – Wed 1st May 2024
The first of May came with some warmer weather at last. Thirteen boats went out to enjoy the race in a moderate North Breeze which held up all evening for the second week running.

Henrietta Highfield set of first, this week sailing a Topper. She held her lead for two laps before being overtaken by Mike McNamara and Ian Curtis in their Wayfarer who went on to win the race. Three generations of the Highfields were out with the senior, Stuart showing the way with a second place in his Laser. Chris Foster helming the wayfarer with Auriel claimed a third.

At the end of the race there was a close competition between the Streaker’s of
Roger Wilson and Phil Highfield.
With the number of boats racing the first and last three will all have changed
handicaps for next week.


Wednesday Race report.

Wednesday Evening Personal Handicap Pursuit Race  – Report 24/04/2024

The cold fresh wind during the day put members off coming for an evening sail.  By the time of the race, however, the evening turned out to be bright, with a pleasant steady N.W. sailing breeze. Six boats took part.

Henrietta Highfield had an early start in the Oppie and had a couple of fast laps while the wind was still fresh but then decided to retire. David Taylor, returning  after the winter, was next away in his solo. David was soon overtaken by the next starter, Auriel Gibson in her Wayfarer crewed by Chis Foster. Auriel then held the lead for five laps to win the race.

As the race timed out Mike McNamara with Ian Curtis was 2nd, Dave Taylor 3rd, John Saddington 4th, Jason Elmer with Steve Gibbons in a Wayfarer 5th followed by Phil Alison who can now start a minute earlier next week!


Solo open report

RBSC Eastern Area Solo Open Meeting Report – 20th April 2024

The freezing cold and strong northerly wind conditions may have deterred some from travelling  to the RBSC Solo eastern area travellers open meeting on the 20th April but at least it made the decision about what to wear simple. Spring may be here, but full winter thermals and dry suits were the order of the day.  There were 12 entries including 6 visitors. 

Four races were scheduled but with wind speeds recorded up to 29 knots  and gusting regularly in excess of 23-24 knots and mindful that some competitors would be headed to Hickling the following day, the OOD settled on a 3 race format with a single discard.  With the wind direction predominantly in the north to north/west it was possible to set a long upwind/downwind course starting from a committee boat half-way down the broad. However, there were frequent shifts to the west, coming over the trees,  which inevitably meant that the beat to No 5 mark would have to be a bit one sided. 

Race 1 was won by Mathew Frary from NBYC with Chris Bunn from LYC 2nd and another visitor from NBYC, Duncan Ellis, taking 3rd.  In Race 2 the positions were reversed with Chris Bunn taking 1st and Mathew taking 2nd and Steve Ede from Ardleigh SC coming 3rd

Conditions were taking their toll and many of the competitors, having done enough to qualify already , decided not to push their luck and venture out for the 3rd race after lunch but with Mathew and Chris each recording a 1st and 2nd place, the podium positions were still all to play for. Conditions remained challenging and with Mathew leading Chris Bunn up the 2nd beat, rather than deciding to cover Chris,  Mathew  split left over towards the trees and was hit by a particularly vicious gust which resulted in a capsize and, alas, the end the race for him, gifting Chris the overall win. Steve Ede finished 2nd which secured him 3rd place overall and Roger Wilson finished 3rd securing him 4th place overall and  1st local  club boat. The full set of results can be found here Sailwave results for 2024 RBSC Solo Eastern Area Open Meeting at 2024

At the prize giving Chris Bunn thanked the OOD, Clive Girling and his team of assistants and safety boat crews for their excellent race management in tricky conditions and the competitors travelled home tired but very satisfied with an excellent day’s racing. 


Wed Eve Pursuit – Starts.

The popular Wednesday Evening Series starts on 24th April.

The pursuit race starts at 18.30 for a mirror dinghy on standard handicap. Start times for all dinghies will be based on the boat handicap adjusted with a personal handicap which can be changed over the series, depending on results. Everyone has a chance to win a race.

The series is an ideal opportunity for inexperienced sailors to try racing and sail a course. Slower sailors find their handicap adjusts so that they start early and can try to stay ahead of the fleet. For the more experienced racers it is good fun to start later and see if any boats can be passed. The race ends at 19.42 when positions are recorded and we often pack up the boats enjoying the sunset over the Broad.

More information can be found here…….

Solo Open – Sat 20th April

Eastern Area Solo Open Meeting

Saturday 20th April 2024

Organising Authority : Rollesby Broad Sailing Club (RBSC)

Event Location: Rollesby Broad Sailing Club, Burgh Wood Rd, Rollesby, Norfolk

Racing Schedule.

There will be a race briefing in front of the club house at 10.30 am. The first start with be scheduled to start no sooner than 10.45.

It’s planned to schedule 4 races . 2 races in the morning a 2 races after lunch.


Competitors may enter on the day by completing the entry form.  Entry Fee will be £5. Entry is encouraged in advance via the RBSC Website here…
We can accept cash payment only on the day.

A maximum of 30 entries will be accepted.

Full Notice of Race Here…….

Solos racing during the 2010 Open regata
Solos racing during the 2010 Open regata

A conversation with Mike McNamara

Friday the 26th of April – 7.00pm in the club house

The first half of the talk will be Autobiographical followed by questions from the floor

Tea and coffee available, bring your own alcohol, nibbles etc.

Entrance by ticket (£5.00 per head for the Museum of the Broads)

Book Here…….

Any questions

Frostbite Open Meeting Sun  4th Feb

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club

Frostbite Open Meeting

Sunday  4th February  2024

Competitors may enter on the day by completing the entry form.  Entry Fee for visitors will be £5.

Entry is encouraged in advance via the RBSC Website.

We can accept cash payment only on the day.

  • There will be a race briefing in front of the club house at 10.30 am. The first start with be scheduled to start no sooner than 10.45.
  • It’s planned to schedule 3 races. 2 races in the morning a 1 race after lunch.
  • Competitors may be split in two separate fleets, “Multi-Sail” and “Single-Sail”, each with separate starts depending on the number of entries and conditions on the day. Classes with 6 or more entries may be given their own start/prizes by prior arrangement with the race authority if appropriate.

All enquires can be made to or contact Roger Wilson on 01493 750434

Full NOR here………….

New Years Day Regatta Report

It was feared that with the forecast over the Christmas holiday period being what it was and for some suffering the effects of a late night seeing in the New Year, that some people may have been deterred from turning out but as the car park started to fill and the dinghy park was abuzz with boats being rigged with plenty of friendly banter and shouts of “Happy New Year” any fears were soon dispelled.

The day was bright with blue skies , wall to wall  sunshine and a moderate south westerly breeze – possibly too much westerly blowing over the trees to make it a perfect direction and resulting in some wicked wind shifts to master.  

With 3 races scheduled, the Sallis family, who once again had kindly volunteered to run the regatta, made the decision to set a conservative 3 Lap first race to “test-the-water” and see how everyone would manage shifting wind conditions. With 28 boats including 6 visitors representing  12 different classes (I bet nobody had heard of the “Unit” class before!) all sharing the same start line this seemed very sensible.  With a long start line set across the broad in front of the clubhouse the decision was to either take advantage of the starboard bias and start at the far end of the line closer to the trees or hedge your bets and go for the middle of the line where the wind was more consistent.  A long first leg down the length of the broad to No 3 mark meant that tactics would also come into play as to whether to point high, stay on the wind, taking advantage of any lifts to possible lay the mark without needing to tack at the risk of maybe sailing slower and capsizing to windward in the vicious headers as the wind came over the trees,  or to go for speed and sail freer, with the possible downside of needing to tack to make the mark.

It was the single handers who seemed to make the best calls in Race 1 with Daniel Bull in his Laser leading the way and a visitor from WOBYC Adam Yoraston in his Streaker 2nd and Chris Barker with his Radial rig on his Laser in 3rd.

With wind continuing to shift further right for Race 2 the start line was once again loaded with boats all keen to pull the trigger and get clear of line as soon as possible, so much so that a general recall was required (much to Phil Highfield’s relief in his Streaker) . Everyone got away cleanly on the second time of asking and with a longer 4 Lap Race now set it was possible for the Wayfarers of Mike McNamara and Dave Houghton with their deft spinnaker handling to pull clear of the fleet and secure 1st and  2nd place respectively. Daniel and Adam, after their stella performance in Race 1 were both buried well down in the pack making everything to play for in Race 3 after lunch.

As the wind became lighter and continued to shift further right in the afternoon a course change was needed to try and get a couple of true upwind beats diagonally across the broad from No 6 to No 4 and No 2 to No 3 . It was Daniel Bull securing 2nd place, making him the overall winner and Adam who came 3rd, securing 2nd place overall who once again found their touch to make the most is this new course and the lighter wind conditions but the story of  Race 3 was the spectacular asymmetric spinnaker work of Howard Ashley-Jones in his RS Vareo which gave him the race win and pull him up to 3rd place overall, ahead of Dave Houghton in 4th and Mike McNamara in 5th,  both of whom had decided not to venture out in the afternoon.

At the prize giving Jon Sallis presented the New Years Day Regatta Binnacle, surely the Norfolk Broads most sought after trophy , to Daniel Bull in his Laser and thanked all the competitors, particularly the visitors, for  turning out to make it such a spectacular way to kick-off the new year.

Full set of results can be found on the website at

Sailwave results for 2024 New Years Day Open Regatta at Rollesby Broad 2024 (


Seventeen boats turned out on a rare dry day for the annual Pursuit Race. The initial fresh S.W. wind veered during the morning to eventually become a light Westerly

There were two Fathers competing against their daughters in the fleet. Emily Pike in her Topper was the first to start whilst her Father Daren in his Phantom was the last.  Emily held the lead for two laps but was overtaken by some of the faster boats in the sheltered parts of the course on lap three. Daren worked his way up to a mid fleet position overtaking Emily during lap four.

Ellie Edwards started  second in her Splash. She held her place until lap four when she was passed by some of the faster boats. Dad Kevin and Sister Pipa started mid fleet  in their Enterprise but by lap four they had become the lead boat and went on to take the Bent Vase Trophy as this year’s winners.

The first three boats spent the race in close competition. Ian Ayres in the Solo was close on the Enterprise’s tail  and Dan Bull in the laser just behind.  The other front runner was Roger Wilson in his Solo who was fourth. Dave Houghton and John Symonds in the Wayfarer had to be satisfied with a fifth place having won this event for the previous three years.

Initial Spread Out Fleet

Leader Close Up

At the end of the race competitors and spectators enjoyed Angie’s mince pies and mulled wine.

Ten boats took part in the next All-commers race. The first beat was “hiked out” sailing but as the veering wing dropped sailing conditions down the Broad become difficult. Getting round the marks on the sheltered side of the broad was the key to the race. Ian Ayres in his solo took an early lead and was a long way ahead when the course was shortened after two laps. Ellie Edwards in the Splash was second and Dan Bull in his Laser third.

Full Results

Boxing Day 2023 Pursuit Race results.

  1. Enterprise – Kevin & Pipa Edwards
  2. Solo – Ian Ayres
  3. Laser – Daniel Bull
  4. Solo – Roger Wilson
  5. Wayfarer – Dave Houghton & John Symonds
  6. Wayfarer – Phil & Tamsin Highfield
  7. Splash – Ellie Edwards
  8. Harrier – Phil Alison
  9. Phantom – Daren Pike
  10. Laser – Howard Astley Jones
  11. Laser – Keith Sykes
  12. Laser – Stuart Highfield
  13. Topper – Emily Pike
  14. Wayfarer – Ian Curtis
  15. Solution – Richard Brown
  16. Wayfarer – Phil Harlow & Lorna
  17. Phantom – Clive Wells

Boxing Day All- commers race

  1. Solo – Ian Ayres
  2. Splash – Ellie Edwards
  3. Laser – Daniel Bull
  4. Wayfarer – Phil & Tamsin Highfield
  5. Solution – Richard Brown
  6. Enterprise Kevin & Pipa Edwards
  7. Laser – Keith Sykes
  8. Harrier – Phil Alison
  9. Solo – Mike Horwitz
  10. Solo – Kevin Postlethwaite
A few Pics from Pursuit Race