No Sailing Sunday 23/2

An inspection of the trees at the club was made by our landlords tree surgeon and he has identified a number of trees that are considered to be in their words  ‘a potential danger to life’ the area affected has marked with tape. Unfortunately the tree surgeon can only deal with the trees on Sunday and we have been requested to  stay away from site until the work has been completed therefore we have no option but to cancel sailing again this coming Sunday. (23rd  February).
Please keep away on Sunday but If anyone has to go to the club at any other time please ensure that you do not enter into the taped off area for any reason.
Just to keep your minds at rest the trees are mainly affecting the car park area and no dinghies appear to be threatened at present. Lets hope that the weather is good for the following Sunday and we can all get out on the water.


Stuart (commodore)

No Sailing Sunday 16/2

Hi All
Due to the high winds forecast for Sunday racing is cancelled and due to possible safety issues with trees it is recommended that you do not visit site on Saturday or Sunday .Let’s hope the the weather improves and we can have a good turnout on 23rd February 
Stuart (commodore)

Sailing Update 16/2

The weather forecast for this Sunday is for high winds and it may be necessary to cancel racing and  the site may be closed due to safety issues concerning the trees on site. A decision will be made on Friday evening so please check your emails before coming to the club on Sunday. As Angie prepares the food in advance to avoid wastage she will not be providing food this Sunday so if sailing goes ahead you will have to bring your own food. Stuart (Commodore)

New Weather Station.

New weather Station up and running @ Club and on Website frontpage and WX top menu..

Click on Image above for more detail.

Note – When page opens (First Time) Speed is displayed in M/S Click settings adjust to Mph / Knt etc. (Don’t forget to scroll down and hit Save!!)

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Get more weather info from the links below.

Weather station on Met office

Weather station on weather cloud

Weather station on weather underground

Weather station on Windguru

Frostbite Regatta – 2 Feb 2020

Sunday Feb 2nd saw Rollesby’s Frostbite Regatta day, a somewhat grey early morning with light winds may have put off a few competitors, but a sensibly short course was set with legs in every direction, in the hope that the wind would settle!

In the multisail fleet Mike McNamara & Andy Smith led from start to finish in each race. In race one it looked as if they had a big enough lead but they got held up when catching the rear end of the singlehander fleet which cost them significant time against the Wayfarer of Dave Houghton & John Symmonds, with Howard Astley-Jones also enjoying clearer air to bring his Vareo home in second place. Though McNamara established a good lead in the next two races it was never quite enough to hold Houghton on handicap and with three wins the Wayfarer took the cup!

Race 2 Multi sail start – Ian C will be pleased with this!

In the single handers, Phil Highfield (Streaker) dutifully let his wife Tamsin (Laser) have inside room at the first mark, but they both misread the next leg which was actually a one sided beat rather than a fetch and let Ian Ayres (Solo) take the lead which he extended away downwind for a comfortable on the water win. Phil stayed in front of the pack with Terry Palmer (Solo) enjoying a great last lap to rise to third. In race two a significant mis-navigation by the front end of the fleet saw Daniel Bull in his Laser lead after a lap with Roger Wilson (Solo) and Ayres in close pursuit. Ayres took the lead with an early tack on the short beat and looked to have the race won until Wilson found a shift all of his own and sailed past Ayres and Bull at a completely different angle on the final leg! Wilson stayed for the afternoon and enjoyed the rising breeze to take victory overall.

Race 2 Single Hander Start

Multisails (5 Entries)

1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 2 pts
2. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore) – 4
3. Howard Astley-Jones (Vareo) – 6

Full Results Here………

Single Handers (17 Entries)

1. Roger Wilson (Solo) – 2 pts
2. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 3
3. Phil Highfield (Streaker) – 4
4. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 6

Full Results Here………

Report -End of Winter Series – 26th Jan

Sunday 26th January saw the end of a very mild and variable wind strength winter series at Rollesby Broad and our very competitive fleets produced four different winners over the five series! Next week sees our one day Frostbite Regatta – followed by the series. Watch out for the forecast, you have been warned………

A good south westerly blowing almost straight up the broad saw youth triumph over experience on the day in the singlehander fleet as Daniel Bull found the turbo button on his Laser, narrowly out pacing the pack upwind, but really nailing the two main downwind legs, which were almost dead runs. Clearly the course suited the Lasers as Andy Bassett took second from Tamsin Highfield in her Streaker. Terry Palmer was the dominant Solo, leading home from Ian Ayres whose fifth was good enough to give him the series.

Pre Start – from webcam..

Bull was again on form in race two but this time challenged more closely by Phil Highfield who brought the Streaker home in second place to take this series with Steve Whitby’s Europe in third in the race and the series!

With Mike McNamara & Andy Smith having already secured the first race multisail series, and not on the water, the Wayfarers of Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning and Dave Houghton & John Symonds were able to play with their kites on the favourable downwind legs. However neither could stay close enough to Chris & Angie Sallis in race one, who won in their Tasar. Wilson won the Wayfarer battle but Houghton took second in the series with Howard Astley-Jones securing third overall with a fourth place in his Vareo.

Wilson and Manning had a faulty drop in race two to give the victory and the series to Houghton & Symonds from McNamara with Astley-Jones third in the race and overall again!

With a smaller turnout in the afternoons McNamara took the series without winning a race! Wilson & Manning took the final win very narrowly from Palmer with Whitby’s third close enough to give him second overall.

Full series results are on the club website.


Race 1 (7 entries)
1. Chris & Angie Sallis (Tasar)
2. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
3. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)

Race 2 (6)
1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
2. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
3. Howard Astley-Jones (Vareo)


Race 1 (14 entries)
1. Daniel Bull (Laser)
2. Andy Bassett (Laser)
3. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker)

Race 2 (13)
1. Daniel Bull (Laser)
2. Phil Highfiled (Streaker)
3. Steve Whitby (Europe)

Mixed PM Race 3 (7)
1. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
2. Terry Palmer (Solo)
3. Steve Whitby (Europe)

Autumn Series Results Overall


Race 1 (14 entries)
1. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore) – 5pts
2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 7
3. Howard Astley- Jones (Vareo) – 12

Race 2 (13)
1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 4
2. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore) – 7
3. Howard Astley- Jones (Vareo)- 11


Race 1 (30 entries)
1. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 5pts
2. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker) – 11
3. Bob Hawkins (Solo) – 13
4. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 13
5. Matt Boreham (Solo) -16

Race 2 (31)
1. Phil Highfield (Streaker) – 5
2. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 9
3. Steve Whitby (Europe) – 11
4. Chris Foster (Laser) – 16
5.Daniel Bull (Laser) – 16

Mixed PM Race 3 (23)
1. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore) – 6pts
2. Steve Whitby (Europe) – 12
3. Chris Foster (Laser) – 13

Report 19th Jan

A bright sunny morning with a rising wind greeted 28 boats at Rollesby Broad on Sunday 19th January.

Nine multisailed craft took to the water, though a couple were at least a little late for their start! Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning had the best start in their Wayfarer, though it took very little time for Mike McNamara & Any Smith to take the lead in their Albacore. McNamara could not get far enough ahead and with two doewnwind legs suitable for spinnakers Wilson took the win with Richard Foster & Tony Ingram sailing an excellent race to finish third in there Xenon. McNamara made no mistakes in race 2, but was very closely challenged by Howard Astley-Jones who missed victory by just four seconds in his Vareo.

With nineteen starters (including 8 Lasers and 8 Solos) the single-handers were a little more crowded at their start. A short first beat meant some very wide routes and large gains and losses at the first two gybe marks as the fleet rounded both several deep. A rare appearance of Darren Pikes Phantom saw him establish a good lead, but once the pack has settled down it was Kevin Postlethwaite in his Solo and Andy Bassetts Laser who appeared to have cleared trouble most profitably. Postlethwaite held close enough order to the encroaching Laser pack to win, whilst Terry Palmer led Matt Boreham home to complete a Solo podium.

Race 2 Starts – Thanks Daniel

In race two Pike couldn’t quite escape; Chris Foster (Laser), Ian Ayres (Solo) and Phil Highfield (Streaker) all in line with Phantom on the first run. However the leaders met a lull as they reached the gybe mark and the pack arrived on mass on a gust turning the fleet almost inside out. On the longer leg down the broad Pike just got in front, but never by far. Highfield and Foster were able to stay near the front whilst Ayres got swamped and dropped to 18th! Highfield hit his stride up wind to gain sufficiently for the win with a charging Bob Hawkins enjoying the rising breeze to bring his Solo home second with Foster third.


Race 1 (9 entries)
1. Roger Wilson & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
2. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore)
3. Richard Foster & Tony Ingram (Xenon)

Race 2 (9)
1. Mike McNamara & Andy Smith (Albacore)
2. Howard Astley-Jones (Vareo)
3. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)


Race 1 (19 entries)
1. Kevin Postlethwaite (Solo)
2. Terry Palmer (Solo)
3. Matt Boreham (Solo)
4. Andy Bassett (Laser)

Race 2 (18)
1. Phil Highfield (Streaker)
2. Bob Hawkins (Solo)
3. Chris Foster (Laser)
4. Terry Palmer (Solo)

Report – Winter Series – 5 of 7

The forecast was for very strong winds for the fifth episode of the winter series, however, most of the time conditions were manageable although there were some big gusts and equally big shifts which tested the eighteen boats which entered. 

The race team used most of the broad when setting the course which comprised of two beats, two reaches and a run. In the multi-sail fleet Mike McNamara and Andy Smith , sailing their Albacore, led off the line, closely followed by Howard Astley-Jones in a Vareo and Dave Houghton and John Symonds in a Wayfarer.  The Albacore slowly pulled away, crossing the line a minute and a half ahead of the Vareo, to win by one second on corrected time.  Houghton and Symonds were just behind the Vareo but capsized when tacking just metres from the line.

In the single-hander race Chris Foster, sailing a Laser, led the fleet for the first two laps only to be caught by the Solos of Ian Ayres and a charging Terry Palmer who picked up several places on the last lap to finish just five seconds behind Ayres.  Tamsin Highfield, in a Streaker, maintained her position throughout the race to claim third place on corrected time. 

At the start of Race Two the multi-sail fleet were hit by a big header which resulted in Astley-Jones capsizing to windward on the line.  McNamara and Smith led the fleet once again and opened up a good lead after the first lap.  However, on lap two Houghton and Symonds enjoyed a good downwind leg, using their spinnaker, closing the gap which helped earn them a win on corrected time. Astley-Jones recovered well from his slow start to claim third.

In the single-hander fleet Solos took the top two positions after the first lap.  Daniel Bull, in his Laser, proved to be fastest on the water, took the lead a couple of times and finished thirty seconds ahead of the next boat but a few capsizes probably cost him the race.  Next across the line was Phil Highfield in the family Streaker who took third place on corrected time but just behind him was Ayres in his Solo and Steve Whitby in a Europe who claimed the top two places, respectively.

Race 1 Multisail (6) :
1 Albacore 8225 (M McNamara & A Smith),
2 Vareo 516 (H Astley-Jones),
3 Wayfarer 10000 (D Houghton & J Symonds),
4 Wayfarer 10213 (R Sparrow & A Gibbs)

Race 1 Single handers (12) :
1 Solo 5232 (I Ayres),
2 Solo 5724 (T Palmer),
3 Streaker 1493 (T Highfield),
4 Laser 207011 (D Bull),
5 Europe 12 (S Whitby).
6 Laser 169158 (S Highfield)

Race 2 Multisail (5) : 
1 Wayfarer 10000,
2 Albacore 8225,
3 Vareo 516,
4 Wayfarer 1809 (D Harvey & G Jewell)

Race 2 Single handers (11) : 
1 Solo 5232 ,
2 Europe 12 (S Whitby)),
3 Streaker 1493 (P Highfield),
4 Laser 207011 (D Bull),
5 Solo 5724,  
6 Laser 171864 (C Foster)

HORNING SAILING CLUB Winter Workshops 2020

We have kindly been invited to attend a series of workshops hosted by Horning Sailing Club. If you haven’t attend Mikes Rig Tuning it’s one not to miss.

Come and learn new skills at a series of Winter Workshops hosted by Horning Sailing Club. 

Thursday 20th Feb 7pm: Horning Sailing Club – Aerodynamics – Carl Brady

Thursday 26th March 7pm: Horning Village Hall – Rig Tuning – Mike McNamara                                

Thursday 9th April 7pm: Horning Sailing Club – Running the line and timekeeping – Toby Fields


For more information contact Holly Hancock on