Rollesby Broad’s World Champion

Rollesby regular Dennis Manning has been enjoying great team success taking a Gold Medal in the World Blind Match Racing championships held in Perth, Australia. Dennis competes as headsail trimmer for the GB team along with Nick Donnini (mainsail) and Vicki Sheen (Helm). Sailing takes place in Sonar keel boats with acoustic signals from bouys and boats to indicate course and directions.

The championship comes to the UK next year so we’ll have home champions with a title to defend. It is hoped that the format which has been developed over the last few years is now sufficiently tested that it can be included in the paraolympics in 2020.

Sign Up For Summer! (Duties)

The sign up sheet for summer duties will be in the clubhouse from this Sunday (30th Jan) until 21st Feb for you to choose your summer duty date. Or you can email me with your preference (sign up sheet will take priority)

More experienced race officer required for Solo Open on April 17th  and Phantom Open on May 1st.



Winter Regatta – Cold Water!

HI all, brilliant news – the broad is ice free today – Saturday 8th.

It is intended to run the winter regatta tomorrow with races also counting towards the now radically shortened winter series which runs through January.

Please note that the water is very very cold, more so than usual, it is therefore essential that anyone intending to sail must wear suitable clothing ie drysuit or wetsuit for the foreseeable future.



New Year Ice – 31st December

The broad is still frozen, ice about 2 inches thick all round the jetty area.

No chance of it all defrosting by tomorrow, would suggest trying again on Jan 3rd but can’t see ice moving by then given forecast for overnight frosts again.

If you don’t have too far to come why not come down and check out your boat, make sure its tied down and any ice inside has not caused damage.

No doubt someone will have put the kettle on!

Ice, Ice, Ice

It only dropped to minus 10 in Rollesby last night – check out the Martham Weather Station – Positively balmy compared to more inland parts of Norfolk but obviously enough to freeze the Broad again. It had defrosted sufficiently by Friday afternoon that we could definitely have got a sail in but even the birds have only kept about a 10 m square patch open this time!

Will we get any sailing in over the holidays? Check out the programme on ‘Holiday Sailing’ post. Current long term forecast says 12 degrees on New Years Day – shorts and T-shirt weather I should think!!

Christmas Holiday Sailing at RBSC

Boxing Day Pursuit Race, New Years Day Open, Winter Regatta

Boxing Day – Pursuit Race, Subject to turn out – Briefing 11am, First start 11.15 , Race finish 12.30 approx

Volunteers needed for rescue crew for this event

 New Years Day – Open Regatta 3 races, 2 to count first start 10.45

January 9th – Winter Regatta prizes will be awarded for club racing on this day

All events subject to Broad not being frozen!

ICE! Sat 4th December

Sorry for late update but just been past the Broad – Saturday 4th – 5pm.

Broad is covered in ICE – slushy but covering whole broad. If we get a breeze overnight it might shift but I doubt there will be any sailing tomorrow – this message might save someone a long trip.

Cheers,  Ian