New Year’s Day Open 2019 Report

Perhaps encouraged by the relatively mild weather; and certainly by the excellent catering; an impressive fleet of 30 dinghies, including 5 visitors, came to the line for the annual New Year’s Day open meeting at Rollesby Broad SC.

With the wind direction not quite cooperating, a long opening fetch was set with the start line at the far end of the broad. Daniel Bull put his Laser somewhat riskily at the more sheltered windward end of the line, with Paul Wren (Phantom) and Ian Ayres (Solo) starting mid line but above the main pack of boats that ended up losing out by covering each other. Wren led round the first lap from Bull and Ayres. Only Mike McNamara in his Harrier managed catch them on the water to finish second with Ayres taking a big handicap win. Veronica Falat (Steaker) led Ben Falat in his Phantom for much of the race to take third at the front of a close knit pack.

The wind increased for a shorter race 2 giving the faster craft a chance to stretch out in front.

Veronica sailed really well to hold on to the transoms of the faster boats and take the narrowest of wins (3 seconds) from Ben with Wren 3rd, McNamara 4th and Ayres 5th, just 27 seconds covering these five on handicap…

The sun came out in the afternoon as the wind rose a little more. Daniel Harvey and Andy Smith nailed the start in Wayfarer 1804 to be third behind Richard Fryer (RS300) and McNamara round the first two marks. Ben Falat worked his way through well as the faster three craft took out a big lead on the water. McNamara won with Dave Houghton enjoying the heavier breeze to bring his Wayfarer home second ahead of the Falat family; Ben followed by Veronica in third and fourth.

Overall Results (30 Entries)

  1. Mike McNamara (Harrier) – 3 pts
  2. Veronica Falet (Streaker) – 4
  3. Ben Falet (Phantom) – 5
  4. Ian Ayres (Solo) – 6
  5. Paul Wren (Phantom ) – 7
  6. Dave Houghton (Wayfarer) – 11
  7. Phil Highfield (Solo) – 11
  8. Richard Fryer (RS300) – 14
  9. Matt Boreham (Solo) – 15
  10. Daniel Bull (Laser) – 16
  11. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker) – 20
  12. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 21
  13. Val Hanson (Wayfarer) – 22
  14. Stuart Highfield (Laser) – 25
  15. John Saddington (Albacore) – 26
  16. Daniel Harvey (Wayfarer) – 27
  17. Bob Sparrow (Wayfarer) – 28
  18. Steve Leigh (Solo) – 29
  19. Keith Sykes (Laser) – 30
  20. Richard Brown (Radial) – 32
  21. James Letts (Laser) – 34
  22. Phil Alison (Solo) – 37
  23. Mike Horwitz (Solo) – 37
  24. Chris Codling (Radial) – 41
  25. Vince Steele (Solo) – 44
  26. Phil Harlow (Wayfarer) – 48
  27. Tom Quale (Laser) – 50