Safety Update


The Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Procedure have now been up dated on the web page and Clubhouse notice boards. The one significant change to the RA is that there is now a “single use” first aid kit for the safety boat. This first aid kit is only intended for minor injuries such as a cut on the finger (also included is a survival blanket for a sailor suffering from the cold). For a more serious injuries (racing days & organised Club events) the safety boat to contact the OOD/Individual in-charge and return to the Clubhouse, racing/event to be postponed if necessary. On other days, individuals will need to take responsibility for themselves.

This safety boat first aid kit,when not is use is to be kept in the starter box along with the radios.

If there are any comment, suggestions or questions on safety, please feel free to contact me.

Documents can been seen here…..

Mike Horwitz