End of Frostbite Series

A suitably chilly start as winter sailing at Rollesby came to its conclusion with the final races of the Frostbite Series which warmed up to a beautifully sunny spring day for all those who remembered the clocks had changed! An impressive entry of 65 different craft have taken part over the winter with 19 different Solos, 12 Wayfarers and 10 Lasers making up the bulk of the fleet.

With the Multisail series results already in the bag for Dave Houghton & John Symonds it was great to see Mike & Sam McNamara on the water; showing the fleet how it should be done, though they may have been aided a little in race 1 by Houghton’s spinnaker snagging on the first hoist. Bob Saprrow & Tony Gibbs were not to be entirely out done by port tacking the McNamaras in race 2 to lead until the kites went up!

Both single hander series were still fairly open; with McNamara Wayfarering and Ian Ayres on race duty surely some low point scores were available to the other protagonists. The conditions (and possibly the course) clearly suited the Lasers, as in both races Matt Boreham led the way by the end of lap one. In race 1 Dan Bull recovered well from an unnecessary restart to be second on the water however he was not far enough in front of either the Solos of Roger Wilson or Terry Palmer or the flying MiniSail of Steve Whitby who took the handicap win. Wilson’s third was enough to take the series from Palmer. In race 2 Whitby suffered a broken mast when well in contention and Bull slowly reeled in Boreham to take the win. Phil Highfield in his Streaker worked particularly hard on the third lap to drop the Solos taking second from Boreham by 2 seconds and the series win from Wilson.

Race 1 & 2 (5 entries)

  1. Mike & Sam McNamara (Wayfarer)
  2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer)
  3. Bob Sparrow & Tony Gibbs (Wayfarer)

Race 1 (16 entries)

  1. Steve Whitby (MiniSail)
  2. Matt Boreham (Laser)
  3. Roger Wilson (Solo)

Race 2 (14)

  1. Daniel Bull (Laser)
  2. Phil Highfield (Streaker)
  3. Matt Boreham (Laser)

Mixed PM Race 3 (3)

  1. Ian Hanson (Solo)
  2. Simon Strode (Solo)
  3. Phil Alison (Solo)

Autumn Series Results Overall

Race 1 &2 (16 entries) – same positions

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 5 / 5 pts
  2. Bob Sparrow & Steve Gibbons (Wayfarer) – 12 / 14
  3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore) – 15 /18

Race 1 (32 entries)

  1. Roger Wilson (Solo) – 10 pts
  2. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 12
  3. Matt Boreham (Solo/Laser) – 26
  4. Tamsin Highfield (Streaker) – 26

Race 2 (32)

  1. Phil Highfield (Streaker) – 10 pts
  2. Roger Wilson (Solo) – 14
  3. Daniel Bull (Laser Radial) – 17
  4. Terry Palmer (Solo) – 20

Mixed PM Race 3 (23)

  1. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (Wayfarer) – 3 pts
  2. Roger Wilson (Solo) – 7
  3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer) – 10