RBSC Autumn Regatta 2019

With a forecast of plenty of wind and plenty of rain it was not surprising that numbers were much reduced for the Autumn Regatta at Rollesby.  Whilst the forecast of rain was spot on the wind was much lighter than expected. Thirteen boats launched and joined the race team on the far bank as they had taken the wise decision to have a committee boat start as the wind was blowing across the broad. 

With a single start for both fleets there was plenty of competition for prime spot on the start line with just one boat over the line. By the first mark the Wayfarer of Dave Houghton & John Symonds held a short lead over the Solo of Roger Wilson and the Streaker of Tamsin Highfield with the latter two enjoying a close battle over the first two laps.  Chris Toothill, sailing a Phantom  recovered well from a poor start and fought his way through the fleet to take the lead on the final lap crossing the line ahead of Houghton & Symonds and Wilson.  

By the start of race two the rain had arrived and the race team may have regretted their decision to leave the comfort of the start box and head out to the start line in the open topped committee boat. Houghton & Symonds led at the windward mark but were soon caught up by a group of three boats.  Halfway down the run the Wayfarer of Robert Sparrow & Chris Gibbons took the lead for a short while until Keith Sykes, sailing a Laser sailed pass the group to windward to lead at the next mark.  

On the second lap the heavens opened and everyone endured a thorough soaking, although the race team by this time had sensibly gone back ashore to enjoy the comforts of the start box. After three laps Houghton & Symonds crossed the line just ahead of Wilson.  Although a third race had been scheduled everyone had decided they were wet enough and voted en masse to call it a day, or was it the lure of Angie’s cooking was just too much!

Next week the club’s Winter season begins commencing the Autumn series.

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club Autumn Regatta (13)

Overall Results

Multisail Fleet

  1. W10000 (D Houghton & J Symonds),
  2. W10213 (R Sparrow & S Gibbons),
  3. W9627 (A Gibson & S Crow)

Monosail Fleet

  1. Solo 5259 (R Wilson),
  2. Laser 137024, (M Boreham)
  3. Solo 5443 (J Saddington)

Thanks to Dave for the Results and Report.