Coronavirus Update

The general committee, myself and the club safety officer have discussed the matter and considering the serious situation with the coronavirus

  • Organised club racing will be suspended until further notice.
  • Group meetings in the clubhouse are cancelled
  • The club workday on the 28th March cancelled
  • Try Sailing events are postponed.

Unless further restrictions are made by the government the club will not close and members may visit the site and sail if they wish. If you do sail please consider your own safety and it would be worthwhile ensuring that at least one other boat is afloat to render assistance if necessary. Of course it remains the sailors own responsibility to decide if they are confident to sail safely in the prevailing conditions.

You can use the WhatsApp group to find a sailing buddy. 

Please limit your use of the clubhouse and facilities, avoid using the kitchen and crockery and bring your own prepared food and drink. Ensure that you follow the government guidelines regarding hand washing and personal distancing when on site. Please change into and out of your sailing kit in your cars or arrive ready to sail. If you have any symptoms however slight or have been in contact with someone with the symptoms please follow government advice and stay away from the club. 

Don’t forget from the 1st April you can sail on any day of the week.
It’s a shame to take this step but the safety of members must come first. I hope that you all keep well and look forward to getting the club up and sailing again.