E-sailing Report’s– 5th April 2020

Great Minds or Buses?? (Buses I think!)

Now this really is a First, 2 reports for 1 event!!!!!

Training started on Saturday  – with 7 crews getting to grips with the 49er (or how to Login) which concluded with 3 quick races, Young master Highfield (Phil)  taking the honours in all 3 and by a considerable margin of around 20secs after just 6 mins of racing. 
So we all had a clue how next the days racing would go.

Phil – Showing us how it’s done – Race Training.


The fleet gathered at the slight earlier time of 10am.  (A Stunning day for sailing but we wont go there!)
With the Fleet traveling to Aarhus – Weather a good F4 coming of the shore and a W/L course (2 laps) We were in for some exciting if not unpredictable racing!.  Some pre-sailing whatsapp banter, a virtual cuppa and E-ccles cake and the fleet were ready to launch.  There were some hopeful faces as the first boats launched,  then those faces fell.  “Dam there’s Phil!!!”

Race 1 started
A good start saw Phil and Keith get away from the rest of the fleet heading for the upwind mark,  It was all very tight at the mark,  Keith on Starboard and Phil coming in hard on Port,  Phil decided there was room and tacked in front, Keith failed to avoid (was there room!!),  The Jury said yes,  and a Keith took the Penalty, Phil now with a near 100m lead and Daniel taking 2nd spot,  Phil must have made a mistake as Daniel closed to within 2 seconds at the finish but couldn’t quite overhaul him,  Keith in 3rd some 15 seconds behind. 
Phil was still looking good but not quite as convincing as the night before.

“Probably shouldn’t have run into the back of Phil” – Keith

“I probably shouldn’t have clipped the committee boat at the start 🙄” – Daniel

“I started doing 360s at the start !!”  – Dave

Race 2
Finished in the Same order as Race 1 with Anthony just outside the top 3.

“Sorry to whoever’s boat I cut in half, send me the bill 🙄

“I think I ploughed thro Anthony just after the start.  Sorry – Dave   “No Probs” Anthony

“I thought I had a great start, the OOD disagreed” – Keith (Sadly no Protests)   
“Welcome to my world” -Dave

Race 3
Racing was even closer just 8 seconds between the top 3,  Keith – Just pipping Phil to the Line by 1 second, Daniel then Dace just behind.

Race 4
Phil and Daniel in that order just separated by 7 seconds the Anthony taking a well deserved 3rd.

Race 5
This was the closest race , with all 5 finishers within  40 seconds,   It may have been Phil’s Day with 3 bullets and 2 seconds to discard but this race when to Daniel by just 1 second having battled hard all day.

The Fleet returned to shore to lick there wounds and do some major repairs,

Back on shore………..

“I think Phil should be given a handicap (maybe tie one hand behind his back? Or he has to have Henrietta on his lap to ‘help’ with pressing buttons?) 🤪” – Daniel
“She was wondering in and out while he was playing…but I can arrange for her to sit on his lap…” Tamsin
Thanks, it’s only fair! 😇 – Daniel

Click image for full results, including Race tables.

Same Time next week……    The more the merrier.  (Max 20 boats, 1st come basis)


Great Minds or Buses?? (Busss I think!)

Now this really is a First, 2 reports for 1 event!!!!!

With the current situation preventing all sporting events normal club sailing has temporally been cancelled until further notice. However, this has not stopped members of RBSC who took to their pc’s and tablets to join in the Spring e-sailing series. Using one of the best virtual sailing platforms members swapped their normal craft of Solos. Lasers and Wayfarers for 49er’s, sailing around a course in Aarhus in Denmark!

With races lasting for less than ten minutes five races were held.  Penalties are automatically enforced for any rule infringements and the Virtual Race Officer takes a dim view when you plough through the Committee boat at the start!! 

Phil Highfield and Dan Harvey were the front runners in the first two races with Highfield just holding of Harvey by a few seconds each time.

In race three Keith Sykes was first off the line and took an early lead. Highfield slowly closed the gap over the two lap race and at the finish Sykes crossed the line just one second ahead.

Unfortunately for Sykes he was unable to produce another perfect start ending up last over the line in race four. Highfield and Harvey lead the fleet opening up a good lead with Highfield taking line honours. Antony Barnes led the rest of the fleet home to finish third.

In the final race the usual suspects were again at the front of the fleet with just a few seconds separating Highfield, Harvey and Sykes. This remained right up to the finish with Harvey beating Highfield by just one second.

With everyone appearing to enjoy the friendly competition all were looking forward to the second installment next Sunday.


Race Results

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club

Spring e-series

Race 1 : 1 49er 836 (P Highfield) , 2 49er 666 (D Harvey), 3 49er 748 (K Sykes)
Race 2 : 1 49er 836 (P Highfield) , 2 49er 666 (D Harvey), 3 49er 748 (K Sykes)
Race 3 : 1 49er 748 (K Sykes) , 2 49er 836 (P Highfield) , 3 49er 666 (D Harvey)
Race 4 : 1 49er 836 (P Highfield) , 2 49er 666 (D Harvey), 3 49er AB (A Barnes)
Race 5 : 1 49er 666 (D Harvey) , 2 49er 836 (P Highfield), 3 49er 748 (K Sykes)