Site Closed for Tree Works



The tree works that were carried out earlier this month were completed last week. No boats had to be moved during this operation and the site was inspected on Sunday so we can report that all looks good with our boats. Also, the site looks a lot more open. Hopefully, next time there is a serious gale we will have fewer issues with the trees.


Essex and Suffolk Water, our landlord has put in place a fairly comprehensive plan for carrying out tree works at our Club Site, involving the felling or removal of dead wood from approx 20 trees (see attached). Their contractor will commence the work this Tuesday  5th January. We met with the contractor just before Xmas. They are a professional outfit who have carried out tree works at our site before. They are will aware of the importance of looking after our boats, they will either move dinghies as need be (and return) and/or carefully lower any branch. They have request that we don’t come down to the Club whilst they are working for safety reasons (unlikely with Covid lockdown). I will let you all know when the works are completed.

The value for us in having this tree work done, is that when the next storm comes through, any damaged branches / fallen trees should be limited, so not distributing our sailing, as in the past. If you have any questions, do get in touch.

Wishing you all, the best for 2021,


See attached for details of tree work.