Race Management Eve 11th Nov

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Race Management Evening at RBSC Friday Nov 11th at 7pm in the clubhouse 

Now the evenings are pulling in we thought it would be a good opportunity to get everyone together in the clubhouse to go over some Race Management best practices and share with one another our experience running the races at Rollesby on a Sunday. Whilst primarily intended for those on the OOD duty list it should also be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about Sailing Race Management in general.  We would also like to take the opportunity to familiarise everyone with the race management tool we have been trialling this year. This has got the “thumbs-up” from all those who have tried it so we are proposing to formally adopt the use of this App at the club going forward.

Please come prepared with any questions you may have and to share your own experiences  (if any) from running races, not only at Rollesby but at any other sailing clubs you have been involved with in the past.  I’m afraid we have no bar at the club so it will be a question of bringing your own refreshments !

Hope to see as many people as possible…Everyone is invited. Any question please email sailing@rbsc.org.uk and I will get back to you.

Roger Wilson

You can find out a bit more info about DSRC Race management app here….