Seventeen boats turned out on a rare dry day for the annual Pursuit Race. The initial fresh S.W. wind veered during the morning to eventually become a light Westerly

There were two Fathers competing against their daughters in the fleet. Emily Pike in her Topper was the first to start whilst her Father Daren in his Phantom was the last.  Emily held the lead for two laps but was overtaken by some of the faster boats in the sheltered parts of the course on lap three. Daren worked his way up to a mid fleet position overtaking Emily during lap four.

Ellie Edwards started  second in her Splash. She held her place until lap four when she was passed by some of the faster boats. Dad Kevin and Sister Pipa started mid fleet  in their Enterprise but by lap four they had become the lead boat and went on to take the Bent Vase Trophy as this year’s winners.

The first three boats spent the race in close competition. Ian Ayres in the Solo was close on the Enterprise’s tail  and Dan Bull in the laser just behind.  The other front runner was Roger Wilson in his Solo who was fourth. Dave Houghton and John Symonds in the Wayfarer had to be satisfied with a fifth place having won this event for the previous three years.

Initial Spread Out Fleet

Leader Close Up

At the end of the race competitors and spectators enjoyed Angie’s mince pies and mulled wine.

Ten boats took part in the next All-commers race. The first beat was “hiked out” sailing but as the veering wing dropped sailing conditions down the Broad become difficult. Getting round the marks on the sheltered side of the broad was the key to the race. Ian Ayres in his solo took an early lead and was a long way ahead when the course was shortened after two laps. Ellie Edwards in the Splash was second and Dan Bull in his Laser third.

Full Results

Boxing Day 2023 Pursuit Race results.

  1. Enterprise – Kevin & Pipa Edwards
  2. Solo – Ian Ayres
  3. Laser – Daniel Bull
  4. Solo – Roger Wilson
  5. Wayfarer – Dave Houghton & John Symonds
  6. Wayfarer – Phil & Tamsin Highfield
  7. Splash – Ellie Edwards
  8. Harrier – Phil Alison
  9. Phantom – Daren Pike
  10. Laser – Howard Astley Jones
  11. Laser – Keith Sykes
  12. Laser – Stuart Highfield
  13. Topper – Emily Pike
  14. Wayfarer – Ian Curtis
  15. Solution – Richard Brown
  16. Wayfarer – Phil Harlow & Lorna
  17. Phantom – Clive Wells

Boxing Day All- commers race

  1. Solo – Ian Ayres
  2. Splash – Ellie Edwards
  3. Laser – Daniel Bull
  4. Wayfarer – Phil & Tamsin Highfield
  5. Solution – Richard Brown
  6. Enterprise Kevin & Pipa Edwards
  7. Laser – Keith Sykes
  8. Harrier – Phil Alison
  9. Solo – Mike Horwitz
  10. Solo – Kevin Postlethwaite
A few Pics from Pursuit Race