The social was held on a cloudy summer day. The rain held off for the afternoon races with a variable WSW wind.

THE ANNUAL PURSUIT RACE was keenly contested with 16 entries. A range of boats from three Toppers, four Splash and other classes up to the faster Phantom gave a wide range of start times.

The Toppers held for the first lap with Charlie Purkiss leading, but by lap 2 Ellie Edwards gained a substantial lead in her splash. Places changed throughout the race. As the wind increased towards the finishing time the faster boats pulled through.  Dan Bull just took the lead from  Ellie in the last minutes to win the “Pike Goblet”

Clive Girling in his laser generously capsized 30 seconds from the race end to allow Dan Harvey’s laser into third place and Auriel Gibson with Lindsey in the Wayfarer fourth.

RESULTS:  1 Laser Dan Bull,   2  Splash Ellie Edwards,   3 Laser Dan Harvey,  4 Wayfarer Auriel Gibson & Lindsey,  5 Laser Clive Girling,  6 D zero Tom Quayle,  7 Albacore Keith & Jane Minster,  8 Wayfarer Geof & Liz Phillips,  9 Topper Suzanne Tompson,  10 Topper Matt Pittam,  11 Wayfarer Ken & Julie Johnston,  12 Topper Charlie Purkiss  13, Phantom Clive Wells,   14 Splash Andy Adcock,  15 Joe Sagger,  16 Splash Rhiannon Alger (rtd)

At the break, prizes were given for the junior races, the Club Spring series and the Pursuit Race. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful cake baked by Angie.

THE WATSON CUP where a double handed boat is crewed by the helm only, was contested by three good sports. Phil Harlow had a good start in his Wayfarer and held the lead to win the Cup. Keith Minster followed in the Albacore and Commodore Wells took out an old Enterprise to finish third.

IN THE SINGLED HANDED BOATS RACE seven boats took part. Tom Quale in the D Zero lead all the way to the finish but on handicap was beaten into third place by Dan Bull second and Ellie Edwards who won and took the “Gray Cup”

RESULTS S.H.  1 Splash Ellie Edwards,   2 Laser Dan Bull,   3 D Zero Tom Quayle,  4 Laser Dan Harvey,  5 Harrier Phil Alison,  6 Splash Liz Phillips,  7 Topper Matt Pittam.

 A special mention for Matt Pittam a junior, sailing a topper who took part in the morning junior races, the Pursuit race and stayed for the single hander race.

John Saddington