Weather (Ice) Watch – Sat Update

Weather Update  – Saturday Update 3rd March

Update to weather watch.

Large area in middle of Broad is thawed, but ice around bridge and slipways (didn’t go down Burgh road photos from bridge – Sat 3pm). A 149 is better today, though still narrow in one or two spots, more concern if coming from Norwich – pictures are of Clippesby and Flegg-Rollesby Roads, Angie will not be there. Be careful if you do drive down to the club Burgh Road very icy.
Pre-Update Friday 2nd 
I have spoken to Angie and taken the executive decision that she does not need to come to the club on Sunday.
Yesterday (Thursday) it was impossible to get there from Potter! – road closed due to drifting snow, I didn’t try today but will drive past tomorrow (Sat) just to check the state of play, but I really don’t expect there to be any chance of sailing on Sunday – assuming the broad is frozen now, the weather will not be suitable for a defrost until Monday.
If anyone does venture down, please can they take responsibility for heating and turning off the urn, sure someone will turn up just for a coffee.
Attached are pictures of the river today (Friday), it takes quite a bit more weather to freeze this than the broad!