Boat Buddy Scheme

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club (RBSC) is setting up a Boat Buddy scheme.

The idea is that if you are ill, injured or are unable to get to the Club regularly, you can let me know and I will find someone to keep an eye on your boat.

Boats can fall into disrepair when this could sometimes be prevented by another member noticing a torn cover or a heavy puddle drawing the water inside the boat.

By signing up to have your boat checked or to help keep an eye on another member’s boat we can hopefully prevent unnecessary damage…like my first boat pictured here!

If you would like to be part of the scheme, please email and I will try to pair you up with a buddy.

It is important that the buddy does not take the initiative and gets permission from the owner before any intervention. The Club will not take any responsibility for owners’ boats under this scheme. The purpose is to create links between members to help each other out. Requests for and offers of help will not be logged or retained beyond the initial pairing up.

If you have any queries either email me at the above address, through the RBSC Sailors Facebook page or speak to me at the Club.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vince Steele