Autumn Regatta – Sunday 11 October.

We are pleased to advise that the Site is now open and the Autumn Regatta will be held on Sunday 11 October.

At present there still three damaged branches in trees that could be considered dangerous the areas are marked with tape, our landlords hope to have these removed by the weekend but if the work is not completed and the tape is still present please give the areas a wide berth.

As last weeks workday had to be cancelled it is proposed to hold it this coming Saturday, generally the site needs a good tidy up after the recent winds and so if you attend please bring tools such as spades, shears, loppers, strimmers, wheelbarrows, rakes etc. 

A visit to site to check your boat and cover (many covers are supporting quite a lot of water) and to ensure your boat is well tied down is recommended.
The good news :- Angie is due to recommence catering on 18th October. Initially she will be serving drinks and snacks but the menu may be extended in the following weeks if there is sufficient demand. 

The bad news:- Masks will have to be worn in the clubroom until you are seated or have gone outside to eat your food also social distancing must be observed when queuing, sitting in the clubroom and of course outside. A one way system will be operated; in through the back door and out through the front door.

We will put some signs up to make it clear.

We after all that I hope the you all have a good sail on Sunday and enjoy the workday.