Catering will start on Sunday at the club and the committee request that members observe the restrictions put in place and follow the one way system through the club. The number of chairs have been reduced to allow distancing and you may eat in the clubhouse but it is preferred that you do not stay inside but move outside whenever possible. No standing to eat drink or chat will be allowed in the clubhouse. 

Also please observe the following Enter the clubhouse from the front door exit through the back door and out towards the boatshed, access to the toilets is via the righthand back door. Hands must be sanitised before entering the clubhouse
Masks must be worn in the clubhouse until you are seated to eat or drink. They must be put on when you stand to leave, Sanitiser spray will be available on the tables and each member must sanitise his/her area of table and sanitise the chair used before leaving..
Please move around the clubroom in the direction of the arrows. Place used cups etc on the table provided. If eating outside return your cups  etc to the table placed outside the clubhouse.
Try to bring some change to the club so that you can tender the correct amount for your purchases.

Do not form groups of more than 6.Observe social distancing;-  2m normally or if wearing a mask 1m

When you come to the club you must have your attendance recorded if you are racing the race entry sheet will suffice but if not you must either use the QR codes with the NHS Covid app on your phone or sign in with your contact details in the visitors book.

On jetties if you have to pass do it quickly and back to back. If helping to recover a boat on the slipway remember to social distance. We are afraid that the changing rooms and showers remain close The changing situation will be monitored and changes will be made if government restrictions are increased or reduced.

We hope thing run smoothly however if it is evident that members are not obeying the rules it may be necessary to close the clubhouse again. 

Thanks Stuart