Wed Eve- Series Report


The evening races again proved to be a popular event this year with 36 different helms taking part. The entrants spanned the generations from young Henrietta Highfield in her mirror to the “long time members” in their favourite boats. One evening saw a record 17 boats joining the pursuit race and several others out practicing sailing.

The lovely warm evenings made this year series particularly enjoyable and it was nice to see new members from the training courses coming along. The event also attracted non sailing spectators out for an evening by the water.

The early series leader was Ian Curtis sailing his Wayfarer crewed by Richard Bailey with a number of first places. Later months though, saw Ian unable to attend enough evenings leaving the way open for David Taylor to take the trophy sailing his Enterprise single handed. Great to see David winning the series as a relative new comer to sailing and racing. With a changing personal handicap he will have to work hard next year!

Full results can be seen on the race results section of the web site