ICE WATCH @ RBSC 27th Jan (updated 28th)

I can confirm that as of this afternoon (saturday) there is comfortably enough clear water for sailing tomorrow, still some sheet ice at the far end of the broad where the wind hasn’t yet got to it, but not enough to prevent a decent course being laid – see you on the water tomorrow for the last races of the winter series – Frostbite Regatta next Sunday (5th Feb)
I Drove past Rollesby Broad this afternoon (Friday) it is still 70% Covered but larger areas of water near cafe on the far bank and between buoys 2 & 4. The rest of the broad is covered in a fairly good layer of ice but the edges were melting.. There is a breeze forecast for Saturday and temperatures generally higher around 7/8 degrees. Hopefully it well break up,  the forecast predicts a ;low  +3 degC for Saturday night,  so fingers crossed.
An optimistic

Ice Watch.