Return to ‘Near Normal’ Sunday sailing.

Following another successful Sunday morning sailing (16 boats in July!) the committee have been considering how we can return to a somewhat more normal program for most of August and September.

Please note – this was written before the RYA’s latest instructions of 29th July – we will keep you updated as we know more ourselves! – see footnote

This weekend (Sun 2nd August) will run as we have been, with two informal pursuit races; race officer already sorted!.

Sunday 9th August – Summer Regatta
2 morning handicap races – both to count! 

Subsequent Sundays
2 handicap races, in the mornings only, to count for the summer series. At present we cannot return to normal catering so have no intention to run afternoon racing (which to be fair is poorly supported – especially in the summer). We hope this might change by September (who knows?) and will continue to keep Angie updated.

Racing will continue to be subject to lower wind limits than usual due to safety boat restrictions, competitors need to be aware of this.

There will be no Eels Foot Race in August due to the safety boat / race crew restrictions.

Currently we can have two people in the race box – provided they are socially distanced, but only one in the rescue boat.
Wed evening racing will continue as per the program, but the 4pm race will hopefully continue through September (and possibly beyond) subject to demand – this could become a permanent fixture next year? 
Cheers All 

Nice to be back on the water even if one race was enough for me!


NB.RYA update of 29th July – this implies that for the Regatta on the 9th we will be able to accept entries from double handed crews who are not within an ‘existing household / bubble’ and that similarly we can man the rescue boat with two people in a similar manner. Please bear with us, we need to check the slightly blurry details in this document and how it relates to our Covid risk assessment before we can put these changes into action.