SATURDAY 10TH JULY  13.00-17.00

 Kids sailing and late afternoon BBQ/Picnic
 Everybody welcome ( Yes, even grown ups )

  • Club boats available depending on age and experience. Optimist/Topper/Laser/Wayfarer*
  • Sail with experienced members in their boats or sail your own
  • Tuition available ( please confirm your interest to avoid disappointment )
  • Course will be laid for informal racing
  • Water games
  • Safety boats will be manned
  • 17.00 BBQ will be lit ( bring your own food )
  • Limited refreshments available from the galley

( Tea/Coffee/Juice/Crisps/Muffins/Chocolate etc ) 

  • Please register your interest on the club website or via e-mail or call Simon Purdon 01953 452460
  • Volunteers needed to rig and sail club boats and/or sail your own. Offers of help in the galley would be appreciated. Please contact me if you can help
  • Please note that non-members must be signed in for Insurance purposes

 *Grown up in long trousers on board to helm or supervise

All planned activities will be subject to prevailing weather and weed conditions

Please bring suitable wet weather gear. Some lifejackets are available



 The Event

 Saturday 29th May dawned grey and cloudy with a less than promising weather forecast of breezy and gusty conditions with rain promised for 13.00, would anyone turn up? By the start time of 11.00 there were 12 youths of varying age and experience, some members and some not so at least the effort had not been in vain ( I’d hired 4 myself to ensure some sort of turn out ) 

Incredibly, over the next 3 hours, we saw in excess of 30 kids aged from 4 to16 go sailing in less than pleasant conditions, the last of these being dragged off the water by their parents at around16.00.A slightly bemused Roger Wilson commented that he’d never seen anything like it during his time at the club (I presume this was a good thing Roger?)

 Boats out included Oppie x 3, Wayfarer x 2, Mirror, Topper x 5, Laser 2000, Laser Stratos and a Laser or 2, quite a fleet in fact

 One 6 year old sailed for the first time ever with her Dad in a loaned Mirror (brave as he hadn’t sailed for 10 years), then graduated to a Wayfarer with John Saddington and Dennis Manning (& dad) in gusty conditions which she loved.

 Next she moved to a club Oppie inside the pontoons (no Dad) and after lunch returned for more of the same in pouring rain. When she got home she logged onto e-Bay looking for a suitable craft for Dad to buy her. Brilliant!

 While things didn’t quite go to plan (and a very loose one at that) everybody seemed to enjoy themselves with a positive response to the informality of the whole day.

 Unfortunately the weather rather put paid to our afternoon plans as the rain arrived at 13.20 and was still hammering down when I left around 17.00 

Questionnaire-What you wanted

24 Kids and/or their parents completed our 2 questionnaires ( the kids had their own one ) with positive responses to almost all of the questions.

To answer some of the requests and questions

  • Yes we will run further events , hopefully one a month between April and September although the next may not be until early July
  • No I can’t arrange a Sealion show on the broad
  • We will incorporate some sailing/paddling games in to the day ( rain stopped play this time )
  • We will light the BBQ as it was well received by the parents and kids
  • Limited refreshments will be available at future events Tea/Coffee/Juice/Crisps/Chocolate/Muffins etc..( for Laurence Milton )
  • Formal training can be made available to those who want it and not just at the organized events ( Steve Gray is offering this on some Saturdays )
  • Please post any other comments/ideas/requests on the club web site

 We asked kids to describe their best and worst bit of the day

 Our favourite best being “ I like it when the boat tipped on its side. My dad can’t do that” with the worst being no more than a “wet bottom”.


A big thanks must go to all who supported this event, in particular the club members without whom the event wouldn’t have been the great success it was 

To the parents who gave up a large part of their day while their little angels sailed. It seemed that almost everyone who rang, e-mailed or posted on the website turned up.

 To Roger Wilson, Ian Ayres, John Saddington, Dennis Manning, Steve Gray ( those 2 little nippers surprised you in the Wayfarer ), Derek Page & Laurence Milton and anyone whose names I’ve forgotten or don’t know.

 Finally to the kids themselves, it was your day and you made the most of it

 Why did we do it?

This was an experiment to try to re-ignite kids sailing at Rollesby that for various and understandable reasons had perhaps faltered over the last couple of years. The recurring observation was that parents had brought their kids to sail, particularly on Saturday, but as there appeared to be few others for them to sail with their interest had waned.

 The attendance of more than excited 30 kids and their equally enthusiastic parents on a single day proved otherwise.

 Is this the start?

Hopefully, in between the organized events, more families will now want to sail together and make the best use of a friendly club in a lovely setting, and most of all, have fun.

 Is this the start of a Rollesby cadet club ( I still prefer KIDS@RBSC )?,only time will tell but please let us have your thoughts and those of your kids.

 Watch this space for details of the next event


Starting at Rollesby and now Round Britain with a Brain Tumour.
Josie and Roger Phillips are setting off on Sat 15th May (at 9am from Fox’s
marina on the Orwell at Ipswich) to sail round the UK in a Contessa32. Roger
learnt to sail at Rollesby and Filby. Josie has had a brain tumour for 5
years but when it went malignant 18 months ago they conceived the ambition
to undertake this trip to raise money and awareness for Brain Tumour
Research as more people under 40 die of Brain tumours than any other cancer
but the funding for this doesn’t represent this.
More information is on their website where updates of
their progress will appear.
They plan to arrive at Lowestoft (arriving Sat evening 15th May) and then
Wells on Sun evening 16th May with a day’s rest before continuing on to
Grimsby and an anticlockwise circumnavigation (going through the Caledonian
They are very grateful for help and support already received from large and
small companies including Apogee Engineering Analysis in Norwich and very
significant help with safety and other adaptations to the boat from Jeremy
Rogers (Contessa32 builders) in Lymington.
Please get in touch through the website if you would like to offer advice,
useful information, support or help which is always very gratefully
received. Links to Just Giving on the website allow messages of support as
well as donations.
(Geoff and Liz Phillips on and
And 01493751012 will be pleased to pass on messages when they are underway).





 SATURDAY 29TH MAY  11.00-15.00

 All levels of ability welcome

Some club boats available. Optimist/Topper/Wayfarer*
Sail with experienced members in their boats or sail your own
Informal tuition and racing

 Safety boat will be manned

 BBQ will be lit ( bring your own food )

 * Grown up in long trousers on board

This is a trial run and if you like it we’ll do some more

Please register your interest on the club website or call Simon Purdon 01953 452460

Any members that wish to volunteer their services or offer trips round the bay are very welcome. Please contact me if you want to help

RBSC Open Day

Rollesby Broad Sailing Club Public Open Day

Come along and have a great time both on and off the water. 

If the weather is suitable there will be a BBQ – bring your own food for the BBQ.

There will be tea, coffee, fruit juice and cakes available all day.

We also need  members to sign in the visitors, talk to them about sailing and the club, take visitors for a sail

New Forum

Now incorporated a forum into Club website.

The functionality of the forum is, hopefully, quite simple. It is based on bbPress which is one of the few forums that is able to integrate users. So, there’s no need for double signups! Just register/login on main website to be able to post to the forum.