Solo Open Report and Results

Rollesby Broad hosted their annual Solo open on Sunday 23rd April. Ten visitors joined eight home boats for some very close racing (the first three all finishing with 5 points). Winds were light and variable early on before settling to the predicted south westerly by the start of the second of four races, increasing in strength during the day.

Local sailor Ian Ayres led at the first mark in race 1 with Steve Ede from Ardleigh in close pursuit, Alan Bishop from Girton joined these two on the first run as they pulled away from the pack. Matthew Frary and Sam Woodcock from Norfolk Broads took a gamble up the second main beat, and as the wind swung around trying to settle, Jarvis Simpson from Brightlingsea joined this very close top pack. Bishop showed his usual downwind speed on the last run to win from Ede and Frary.

Ede and Ayres made the best starts in race 2 at the leeward end of the line, with Frary best from the windward end. Frary and Ede pulled away into a strong lead with a large pack closing on Ayres as the fleet ran back down the broad. Frary held on to win, with Woodcock coming through to third from behind a very closely packed bunch on the final run.

After lunch there was the breeze was steadier and a little stronger, Ede led race 3 from start closely pursued by Robert Hawkins from Hickling. Ede went on to finish with the biggest lead of the day as places behind changed regularly, Bishop and Frary eventually proving their worth finishing nose to tail in second and third as five boats finished overlapped!

This meant the meeting was still wide open going into race 4. Frary narrowly led from Woodcock at the windward end of the broad. Woodcock chose to luff Ede down the long run on the less windy side of the broad allowing the low sailing Bishop through in to second, Giles Bradford (Hickling) led the rest of the fleet, with the front four some distance away. Bishop and Ede closed significantly on Frary on the last lap but he held on for the win to produce a three way tie on points. This led to some head scratching in the race box but a quick check of the rules gave the meeting to Frary with Ede second and Bishop third. Couldn’t have started the Solo Eastern series with a closer result, which bodes well for a competitive season…


Posn Sail No Name Club Pts
1 5586 Matthew Frary Norfolk Broads 5
2 5608 Steve Ede Ardleigh 5
3 5723 Alan Bishop Girton 5
4 5704 Sam Woodcock Norfolk Broads 11
5 5406 Jarvis Simpson Brightlingsea 15
6 5232 Ian Ayres Rollesby Broad 17
7 4903 Giles Bradford Hickling Broad 19
8 5649 Steve? Bishop Girton 21
9 5724 Terry? Palmer Upper Thames 25
10 5472 Robert Hawkins Hickling Broad 26
11 5138 Patrick Overs Paxton Lakes 32
12 4461 John Saddington Rollesby Broad 34
13 5648 Simon Strode Rollesby Broad 39
14 4258 Ian Hanson Rollesby Broad 43
15 4180 Phil Alison Rollesby Broad 44
16 4405 Mike Horwitz Rollesby Broad 45
17 4494 Paul Warnes Rollesby Broad 48
18 4864 Chris Mann Rollesby Broad 52

Spring Regatta Report

The spring weather was certainly in force as Rollesby held their Spring Regatta on Sunday 2nd April marking, turnout was a splendid 21 boats as winter members marked their last event of the season and with just a single mixed handicap fleet, starting well was essential.

In race 1 Tamsin Highfield (Laser) was uncomfortably close to the pin mark but just snuck round it chased hard by Bob Hawkins (Solo) and Ian & Sharon Ayres (Leader). These three read the first beat best and whilst joined by faster boats round the course had established enough of a lead on lap one to ensure the podium places; Hawkins eventually using his superior upwind manoeuvrability to take the win.

A windshift just before the start of race 2 saw the Wayfarers of Pete & Rachel Smith and Bob Sparrow & Jason able to reach the first mark in a single tack. Simon Strode (Solo) followed them well to finish third with only Hawkins able to make some sort of recovery on the considerably shorter course to take fourth.

The meeting was wide open as more breeze greeted the fleet for race 3. The Ayres started well to windward of the majority with Highfield emerging best from the leeward end of the line. The Solos of Hawkins and Strode worked their way through well on the upwind legs with the Smiths enjoying the increased breeze most taking their time but taking places on nearly every leg of the course, eventually Hawkins took the win over Highfield by a handful of seconds.

Spring Regatta Results (21 entires)

  1. Bob Hawkins – Solo – 2 pts
  2. Pete & Rachel Smith – Wayfarer – 4
  3. Tamsin Highfiled – Laser – 5
  4. Simon Strode – Solo – 7
  5. Ian & Sharon Ayres – Leader – 8
  6. Bob Sparrow & Jason – Wayfarer – 8
  7. Mike Horwitz – Solo – 11
  8. Chris Mann – Solo – 11
  9. Ian Hanson – Solo – 15
  10. Auriel Gibson & Crew – Wayfarer – 18
  11. Paul Warnes – Solo – 20
  12. Mike Broadbent & Hugh Rout – ISO – 21
  13. Gareth Thomas – Phantom – 24
  14. Phil Alison – Solo – 25
  15. Steve Leigh – Vareo – 27
  16. Chris Toothil & Libby – Stratos – 28
  17. Ashley Warnes & Crew – Wayfarer – 28
  18. Richard & Ed Brown – Wayfarer – 29

3 competitors only started one race.

Frostbite Series Results

Multisails Race 1

  1. John Saddington – 4 pts
  2. Bob Sparrow – 14
  3. Phil Highfield – 17

Race 2

  1. John Saddiongton – 4
  2. Tamsin Highfield – 8
  3. Bob Sparrow – 11

Single Handers Race 1

  1. Ian Ayres – 6
  2. Matt Boreham – 12
  3. Keith Sykes – 21

Single Handers Race 1

  1. Ian Ayres – 9
  2. Matt Boreham – 15
  3. Keith Sykes – 23

Mixed Fleet Race 3

  1. John Saddington – 3 pts
  2. Tamsin Highfiled – 3
  3. Ian Ayres – 3

Rollesby 26th February – Plenty of Breeze!

There was plenty of breeze at Rollesby Broad on Sunday 26th and with the wind more or less aligned with the geography some of the gusts were strong enough to produce capsizes throughout the fleet.

In the single-handers it looked like youth might prevail as Daniel Bull started best in his Laser Radial. He was mixing it with Nick Eastwood in his Finn and Matt Boreham’s Laser until ditching several times on lap two. Ian Ayres in his Solo was recovering from an uncharacteristically poor start and taking the scenic but windier route downwind to pip Eastwood by just 2 seconds on handicap. Eastwood took the win in race 2 as the wind eased towards the end giving him a comfortable lead over Ayres and Boreham.

Dave Houghton & Jon Symonds flew downwind in their RS400 to comfortably lead on the water but John Saddington & Dennis Saddington in their Wayfarer always stayed in close enough contention to win both multisail races on handicap.

A much reduced fleet in the afternoon saw the wind rise, with a final lap beat that could only be described as brutal – white horses and spray in your face are not a common occurrence on Rollesby Broad! Ayres took the win from Eastwood with Saddington & Manning the only other finisher.


Race 1 (6)

  1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
  2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (RS400)
  3. Bob Sparow & Tony Gibbs (Wayfarer)

Race 2 (4)

  1. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)
  2. Dave Houghton & John Symonds (RS400)
  3. Bob Sparow & Tony Gibbs (Wayfarer)


Race 1 (9)

  1. Ian Ayres (Solo)
  2. Nick Eastwood (Finn)
  3. Matt Boreham (Laser)

Race 2 (7)

  1. Nick Eastwood (Finn)
  2. Ian Ayres (Solo)
  3. Matt Boreham (Laser)

PM Mixed Fleet (4)

  1. Ian Ayres (Solo)
  2. Nick Eastwood (Finn)
  3. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Wayfarer)


Rollesby Broad SC Frostbite Regatta

With warmer weather over the weekend it was a smaller than usual but highly competitive fleet which assembled for Rollesby’s Frostbite Regatta on Sunday 5th Feb.

The single sailed fleet were very helpful to the race officer in at least finishing every race in appropriate handicap order; however it was the four strong Solo contingent who were to dominate the results. Chris Mann and Simon Strode swapped places several times in races one and two; Mann came out on top on both occasions; much more comfortably in race one than race two. Strode stepped up his game after lunch to take race three narrowly from Mike Horwitz who had been the leasing duo’s closest pursuer all day and created a Solo clean sweep in the prizes.

In the Multisail fleet John Saddington and Dennis Manning won all three races on the water in their Albacore; but a close second by Ian & Sharon Ayres in their Leader, after they had taken full advantage of the long spinnaker reach down the broad gave them the race on handicap. Though the gap was much bigger in race two the Albacore were also pipped for second by Bob Sparrow and Tony Gibbs Wayfarer. Without a crew after lunch Ian was still able to fly his spinnaker and chased Saddington hard all the way round the course as these two finished well clear of the rest.

Frostbite Regatta Results

RBSC-NewsMultisails (6 Entries)
1. Ian & Sharon Ayres (Leader)
2. John Saddington & Dennis Manning (Albacore)
3. Bob Sparrow & Tony Gibson (Wayfarer)

Single-Handers (8 entries)
1. Chris Mann (Solo)
2. Simon Strode (Solo)
3. Mike Horwitz (Solo)


I Drove past Rollesby Broad this afternoon (Friday) it is quite solid! The whole broad is
covered in a fairly good layer of ice. There is a breeze forecast for Saturday so it may
well break up but the forecast predicts -3 degC for Saturday night. Too early to cancel
sailing however thought some people might like the warning before travelling on Sunday.
PS we could do with a regular Ice Correspondent who passes the broad regularly at this
time of year – just let me or Keith know the conditions and we’ll update the website.

Boxing Day / New Years Day at RBSC

Happy Christmas Everyone

Normally we hold a pursuit race followed by the Watney Cup (race for double-handers sailed single handed!) and a bottle race for single-handers on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year, however this year there isn’t a Sunday due to the calendar so we’re holding it on Boxing Day! There seems to be sufficient interest and John Saddington will be in the box with Ian Ayres on rescue duty so there will be a different name on the trophies! Minced pies and Mulled Wine will be available between the races……

Don’t forget on New Year’s day we will be holding our (by now) world renowned! Open Meeting – tell your sailing friends; as it is a Sunday we will be hoping for a bumper turnout; and just for those of you who have overdone it the night before the first race will be at 11 am so you can have an extra 15 minutes in bed – yes we are soooo generous! – can’t be later as it gets dark too early.

See you all there?





Duties: January – June 2017

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for choosing duties for the first half of 2017 is 3pm on 27th November.

Thanks to those who already have; January and February are pretty much complete; you should all get an updated provisional list in the next couple of days by email. If you don’t, or you didn’t get the original in early Nov, please make sure Pete – – has your correct email address. Scroll down for state of play as of noon Sat 19th.

You can sign up in the clubhouse, just once! (the hard copy takes priority) or by emailing me – – with a choice of at least two dates.





2017 (A) January to June Duties (DRAFT)


Date Event Race Officer Asst 1 Rescue Boat Asst 2
Jan 1 New Year Open        
Jan 8   Mike Broadbent Suzanne Thompson Hugh Rout  
Jan 15   Richard Brown   Mike Horwitz  
Jan 22   Robert Sparrow Tony Gibbs Richard Foster Tony Ingram
Jan 29   Phil Harlow Lorna Antony Barnes Tracey Barnes
Feb 5 Frostbite Regatta Daren Pike Vince Steele Chris Codling  
Feb 12   Chris Hanson Val Hanson Chris Toothill Sarah Toothill
Feb 19   Chris Sallis Angela Sallis Steve Gray  
Feb 26   Stuart Highfield Cliff Smith Keith Sykes Anna Zmura
Mar 5          
Mar 12          
Saturday 18th March – Work Day – Everybody!
Mar 19   Auriel Gibson      
Mar 26   David Goodwin Dianne Goodwin    
Summer Format Starts
Apr 2 Spring Regatta        
Apr 9 Eels Foot        
Apr 16 (Easter) John Saddington      
Apr 23 Open, Solo / Singlehanded Pete Smith Rachel Smith Clive Wells  
April 30          
May 7          
May 14 Open, Multisail / Bittern Barry Graver   Paul Warnes  
May 21 Eels Foot        
May 28          
June 4 Whit Regatta        
June 11 Eels Foot     Phil Holt Alison Holt
June 18          
June 25          

The above members shown chose their own duty date.31

Out and About – with some more success!

Well done to John Saddington who won the handicap fleet at Gorleston’s Beach Regatta in his Solo. Richard & Tony also took their Xenon to give it a run out in a bit more space.

Unfortunately despite leading at the halfway stage Ian & Sharon couldn’t bring home a second National Title to Rollesby; they had a one, two in the river races but had to concede to the locals in the round the cans races held for the Leaders at Hickling.

Rollesby sailors have been out and about at various locations over the last few weekends.

Congratulations to Mike McNamara and Simon Townsend on winning the Wayfarer nationals at Medway representing RBSC! – Looks like they were tested quite hard – winning 3 of the 7 races in a fleet of 31. – Check out the report on the yachts and yachting website.MIke Mc 2

Elsewhere 5 Solos made up a quarter of the fleet at Hickling (John, Mike H, Paul, Simon and Ian) with varying degrees of success on a testing broadland day! 4 – again almost a quarter of the fleet (John, Ian, Paul and Ashley) had a far better sail in far greyer conditions at Ardleigh.

Three boats completed the 3 rivers race – Ian and Sharon won the slow dinghies class finishing 24th overall at a very respectable 12.40 am. Marcin & Jolanda and Chris and Sarah both completed the course, finishing just a few minutes apart after 18 hours of sailing!

If anyone else travels to other events please let me know and I’ll update this post (I don’t need to let people know your positions unless you want me too!)

Finally if anyone fancies some sea sailing don’t forget to get down to Gorleston for their beach regatta this weekend.

Happy Sailing

Sign Up for Duties – July to December

If you wish to choose your own duty date for July to December please sign up on results board by 19th June.

Earlier is more helpful!

Or email me with at least 2 options for your dates before the deadline.

As usual the paper copy overrides emails but I will endeavour to put emailed dates in at least once a week.

Thanks   Ian

Sail ‘n’ Sizzle Sat 21st May

Sail ‘n’ Sizzle


Saturday 21st  May


Afternoon / Evening sail with BBQ


Over the last few weekends several new members have been getting their first taste of sailing, this is their opportunity to sail alone with more experienced members on hand.


Come and enjoy a casual sail and enjoy the view with some food!


BBQ is strictly bring your own, coals will be hot from about 4 pm until 6 (longer if there is demand).




Reminder – we need an experienced member to be on site from 1pm to 4pm on Saturdays through May, June and July, if you can cover an afternoon please sign up on the duty board. Thanks John S